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Do you play with Nuzlocke rules?

  • Yes!

    Votes: 14 27.5%
  • No...

    Votes: 30 58.8%
  • What the hell is Nuzlocke?

    Votes: 7 13.7%

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"Dragonite, Hyper Beam."



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Don't do as many, your stealing all the good ones!

You would know what chatter would feel like if you have an annoying sister.

Flame Dragon

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Bidoof looks MUCH better (still not very beautiful tho) than Bibarel.
Bibarel looks just completely retarded.
Magmar > Magmortar(Its handcannons are cool, and that's it!)
Licktung > Lickilicky ( Too ugly)
Dratini & Dragonair > Dragonite(I don't dislike Dragonite, it is just soo much more potential in the line)
Cyndaquil > Qilava (However Typhlosion is awsome)
Togepi > Togetic & Togekiss (I don't know, it just loses some of the magic it had as Togepi)
Sneasel > Weavile ( It is just plain ugly)
Larvitar > Pupitar & Tyranitar( It is because of the great way Larvitar was portrayed in the anime)
Wingull > Pelliper (Ugly as ****)
Duskull > Dusclops & Dusknoir (To me, Duskull is one of the creepiest pokemon ever)
Aipom > Ambipom (Obvious)
Munna > Musharna (ugly fat thing)
Kumasyun > Tsunbear (I just hate Tsunbear)


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Pokabu looks way better than Chaobuu. Chaobuu looks like an egg to be honest, as we. I wish it was quadrepedal like Pokabu then suprised everyone as the epicness of Emboar was bipedal.
W00t, rank up!


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You people are far too naive and underestimate the moves too much. Virtually all offensive attacks have the capacity to kill, with most being a certainty. If you get hit with a flamethrower head on, you WILL burn to death. Electric moves will send a lethal amount of electricity through your body, comparable to the electric chair at least. A Rattata using tackle might not kill you, but a tackle from Aggron will. Like it has been said earlier, a sting from Weedle will poison you, with death as a result without an antidote. With the exception of the stationary cocoon pokemon, every pokemon can kill you, even magikarp and feebas. Hyper beam would remove your existence I imagine, much in the same way an atomic bomb does. Guillotine would not severely injure you, it would decapitate you. Ice attacks would cause frostburn and hypothermia, leading to death.


Tepig - It's evo's may have grown on me since using them in game but I still maintain that the whole "We need a Journey to the West set!" ruined what was a really promising line. Sorry but Chubby Wrestler and Gannon really seem weak in to comparison to what we should have got.

Vibrava - I really like the insect design and find it more interesting than Flygon. Flygon's still cool but I prefer it's pre-evo.

Dragonair - Dragonite's cute but this design is much sleeker and cooler.

Mime Jr., Smoochum - They're cute, their evo's are disturbing.

Jiheddo - I really prefer the twin headed Beatles dragon to it's final form. I can't place why, but I think it's to do with the eyes and the SS3 pink hair.

Gamagaru - I just prefer it's look and sound over it's evo.

Haderia - Nothing against it's evo I just love the moustached terrier.


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i would like too see someone get hit by surf or iron tail, thats gotta hurt


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Here is my list:

Buizel - It's soo much cuter than floatzel, and i don' like how big floatzel looks

Pikachu - cause it's Pikachu

Squirtle - It just looks soo happy

Bulbasaur - Don't know why just thinks soo

Quilava - It's just soo CUUUUUUUTE

Totodile - cooler

Rattata - It's quicker and i don't like raticates looks

I can write more but thats all i can think off right now


Bibarel's adorable.
I'd like to add that I like Magnemite better than Magneton. Magnemite has kind of a charm to it, but lets face it, Magneton is just three Magnemites. I like Magnezone more than Magneton because Magnezone at LEAST has an actual design, but I still like Magnemite more.


Write on
"I will go on to improve my pokemon... and my heart too." - Silver, from HG/SS after the Clair/Lance battle

YAY he's a good guy now!

"We can still fly!" -Falkner, from HG/SS when his Pidgeotto is at low health

o_o That's one of the most redundant quotes ever. Of course Falkner's birds can still fly; come on they're FLYing types! And what do you mean by WE can still fly, Falkner? Humans can't fly. XP

But still, Falkner, his pokemon, and his gym are pretty cool. I've always liked bird pokemon.


Forever now
From gen 5, I like my shiny kurumiru more than it's final evolution, in terms of colour and look. Also I prefer Otamaro and the basic forms all of the elemental monkeys.
I like Minezumi and Purotooga best too.


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Waruvile.It looks much cooler than Waruvial.

surfer treecko

Highly Explosive
Oshawott. Futachimaru has a decent desgin, but it looks like it was coloured in by a five year old. And Daikenki looks cool, but it looks nothing at all like it's pre-evolutions.
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