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Do you play with Nuzlocke rules?

  • Yes!

    Votes: 14 27.5%
  • No...

    Votes: 30 58.8%
  • What the hell is Nuzlocke?

    Votes: 7 13.7%

  • Total voters
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True Love Never Dies
Here's my list . . .
Totodile (way better than Croconaw.)
Quilava (though I like Typhlosion, Quilava is too damn cute)
The Gen 5 starters in their base form
Growlithe (puppy :))
Glameow (Purugly scares me)
Stunky (Skuntank is just awful)
I could go on, but that's what come to my mind right now :p


Well-Known Member
Getting hit by blizzard, it would be very, very cold.


Veteran member
Needle Arm-It would be like a porcupine
Extrasensory-You would be forced to sense something you couldn't comprehend
Psychic-The mother of all migranes
Rock Wrecker-If big rocks are obliterated,how would a squishy human feel
Will-O-Wisp-Part of you is lit on fire
Explosion-Light a bunch of bombs,and feel the explosion
Mean Look-You'd be paralysed with fear,thus couldn't leave
Fissure-The ground would open up and swallow you
Sheer Cold-The temperature would drop to that of the moon Titan,causing you to shatter like glass
Guillotine-Losing your head
Horn Drill-A drill impales you
Attack Order-A swarm of bees stings you
Shadow Force-Something not of this world hits you.And if Giratina represents antimatter,prepare to become energy
X-Scissor-Sharp claws slash you with an X
Razor Wind-Imagine being in a small hurricane.Now,imagine those winds are razor-sharp
Earth Power-The ground would explode with magma and other stuff
Judgement-P*** off God,and I do mean p*** him off.THen you'll know what Judgement feels like


Write on
"fufufufufufufufufufufufufu" - from pretty much any game. Still use it to this day :D

Haha! Sometimes it's "Fwofwofwofwofwo", but it is nevertheless funny.


Petal Blizzard
No you misunderstood me, I prefer the middle stage starters (Futachimaru, Janovy, Chaobuu) to their evolved forms.

And Grotle and Monferno are gen 4 :)

Oh my gawd you're right I'm sorry T__T. I totally misunderstood you, as soon as I realised it, I edited my post hoping that no one noticed....

ACTUAL RESPONSE: Really? I think the're kinda ugly. I was so disappointed when i saw Chaobuu cuz I was hoping the fire one would turn into a 4 feet standing boar, but that evo already made it obvious it wasn't going to.....
And, i thought that mijumaru would become a white and blue bibarel...instead it turned into a...a...horned horse.


Gallade owns
-Magneton over Magnezone
-Nosepass over Probopass
-Zigzagoon over Linoone
-Rattata over Raticate
-Seadra over Kingdra
-Koffing over Weazing
-Omanyte over Omaster
-Eevee over Leafeon


Canine Handler
The only one I can think of is Glameow. Purugly is just very ugly! >:V (Sorry if it was already mentioned)
I just don't like Purugly at all.

lucario is best

shiny seeker
There are some pokemon that look better but there are some that don't so it's half and half but the starter pokemon look better than there evoloutions :)


Wolf Lover
-Magneton over Magnezone
-Nosepass over Probopass
-Zigzagoon over Linoone
-Rattata over Raticate
-Seadra over Kingdra
-Koffing over Weazing
-Omanyte over Omaster
-Eevee over Leafeon

how could you not love leafeon? it was one of the few good evolutions in the 4th gen

Kurloz Makara

Red Death
Game Quote (HG/SS): "It itches! It itches!" -Brock, when you're working on his last pokemon.

I still don't know why he says that....Yeah, he's pretty excited that we're mopping the floor with him, but this doesn't make sense as an exclamation of joy....

I think it means you're getting past his defenses, and it's making him itch or something. :p


Why yes, it exists
"LAT LAT LAAAAAAAAAAT, LAAAT" - Latios and Latias, most of the entire fricken fifth movie


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The Champion!
Eevee > all evolved forms

Well Glaceon is okay...


Shiny collector
I don't know why but I've always thought that Staryu iooked better than Starmie.

I also think Mudkip is the cutest starter but both Marshtomp and Swampert can't compare.

No. 1 Machop Fan

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"Hey, you look very familiar to me..."

"Just a reminder that we're coming to you live, L-I-V-E live!"


Brock and Jessie (the latter is disguised as a news reporter), A Tents Situation. Every time Brock heard the name "Ivy" in this episode, he curled up and sooked. In this case he recognised the "Ivy" in L-I-V-E.
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