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What new Anime do you want to see?


Well-Known Member
What manga do you think should be turned into an anime? I personally want to see Liar Game, Bakuman and Beelzebub in the future.

Mimori Kiryu

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I would agree with a Bakuman anime. There are definitely a lot of shoujo manga I would love to see as an anime such as Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden, The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross and Mixed Vegetables. There was this cute short manga (I think it's shonen-ai but it's not listed that way...) called Jihai. I think it would make a great 13 episode series.

That's all I can think of at the moment but there's probably more.


Bakuman and the continue of Yu-Gi-Oh GX in the manga (there are more episodes even now).
Uzumaki should turn into anime as well, but I doubt if they will do it.


I’m Back...
I wouldn`t mine seing a PokeSpecial anime.


Entertain me minions
I think Beelzebub would be an interesting anime to watch. That and I want Alive: The Final Evolution in anime form just to see how they would do it.

Gentleman Skeleton

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ARE YOU SERIOUS SOGEKING? I'm a huge Bakuman fan so this is great news!!:D I hope to see a Beelzebub anime in the future
He is. It arrives this fall.


I wanna see a second Soul Eater series.

Soul Eater and FMA were both done by BONES and both ended in ways that weren't in the manga at episode 51.

But FMA had a second series called Brotherhood to keep the story from the manga going.

All I wanna see is a Soul Eater Brotherhoodish thing :p


~Draco Rex~
I'm not sure how good it would work out, but I reckon an anime of +Anima would be pretty awesome.

(Non manga wise, I'd die to see a Doctor Who anime @_@)


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Heroman, Wolf Guy-Wolfen Crest, A Redo of I''s, B.B. Project, Pokemon Special and possibly FLAGS.


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Crossbone Gundam, Beelzebub, Giant Robo - The Day the Earth Burned, and more Full Metal Panic.


I am a fic-man
An anime adaptation for Deadman Wonderland was recently announced. I don't think they've announced who's working on it, but i'm looking forward to it.


The afro is powerful
I've just finished reading Monster, I wonder if the animé'll be as good as the manga..


I'm not sure if this counts, but I want to see a Super Smash Bros. anime. I already thought up who the main characters, the supporting characters, and the villains will be.