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  1. NovaBrunswick

    Banned/Controversial Pokémon Anime Episodes

    Throughout its 23-year run, the Pokémon anime has fallen foul of the censors a few times, which has ended up with some episodes being heavily edited, attracting controversy, or even outright banned. Here are some of the most famous (infamous?) examples of episodes which were banned or were...
  2. A

    Strongest Gym leader in the anime so far

    Who do you guys think are the strongest gym Leaders from the anime so far? Please Note that I am not considering the Frontier Brains and Island Kahunas as they aren't technically gym leader. This is my Top 5 list. Giovanni(With Mewtwo): I am aware that Mewtwo escaped but he did have it in...
  3. Mythical-Moonlight

    What did Gou do? (Read the last post. Let's all be a bit more civil regarding Go)

    Of all the traveling Companions that Ash has had over the years, Gou is the one who I've seen get by far the most vitriol thrown at him. Even moreso than Misty or Iris or anyone. At least with the former two, I can sorta understand why some people may have be turned away by them but Gou's been...
  4. Crybaby Sobble

    How long have you been watching the Pokemon Anime?

    So when was your first watch of the anime do you remember? Edit:I started watching like 5-6yrs ago only so I don't know much.
  5. Joycap

    Characters from niche Anime in possession of Pokemon teams... with a catch

    Basically what it says on the tin. Or if it helps, an alt title is "if other anime verses possessed Pokemon" or "Niche anime characters if they had Serebii-style biographies". Can be a team of 2, team of 3, or anything up to a full team of 6, built as if the character were a progressing rival...
  6. charinija

    Do you think Ash enter Galar league or Continue wc

    What do you think anime's future. is Gym and badge remove ?
  7. TheCrazyMaster

    Rank the gym leaders/kahunas

    How would you rank the all the gym leaders and kahunas in the anime from weakest to strongest? Anime exclusive gym leaders like Misty's sisters, Forrest and OI gym leaders are also included. And if you don't feel like ranking all of them, which of them do you think make the top 3 and which...
  8. InfiniteBakuphoon

    Mirror Adventures: A Tragedy of False Smiles [Anime Mirrorverse AU]

    Hello everyone, and welcome to Mirror Adventures: A Tragedy of False Smiles! This is a Pokémon fanfic based on the Kalos saga anime episode "The Cave of Mirrors", which features an alternate universe where everyone's personalities are the opposite — or "mirror image", so to speak — of their...
  9. Emboar_Rulez

    Things you miss about the old Pokémon anime (early anime)

    What did you guys like or hate about the anime in the beginning?
  10. RetroPokeFan

    Anime Dub Discussion/News

    I'm not sure if there have been any other threads similar to this but I'd thought it would be neato to do a thread related to any anime dubs you've seen or are excited for and anything related to voice actors, script adaptors and just about everyone who helps make them possible. Might even put...
  11. Emboar_Rulez

    What’s your favorite/least favorite battle in the anime?

    My favorite would gotta be Ash vs Paul and my least favorite would be Ash vs Cameron
  12. Eternalfalcon

    What do you think would happen if ash won the sun and moon League

    I wanna know what you think will happen if ash won the sun and moon League what would his next step would be to coming a pokemon master or do you think we will no longer see him in the anime if he wins I think he'll try to catch every pokemon after all gotta catch em all
  13. Mr.Munchlax

    Neon Genesis Evangelion- Netflix Dub Discussion Thread

    I decided to start this thread since Netflix's new HD re-dub of Evangelion finally came out today. So far, I've only seen negative criticism for all of the dub changes, but I wanted to see what everyone in general might thinks & see if this new version has any redeeming qualities. Also, if...
  14. pokedigijedi

    Your thoughts on the UB arc?

    Since we are down to just two UBs left, what are your thoughts on the UB arc?
  15. Bortgreen

    What do you think is going to happen in the last episodes(post-league)?

    My predictions are : Ash is going to have a last battle with Tapu Koko. He could finally win even if he loses at the league, but it's not 100% likely. Probably the companions will throw a farewell party for Ash, in the same style as the Farewell, Sophocles! episode. By that I mean some food...
  16. N

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards Face-Off

    Hello, and welcome to a new, exciting Yu-Gi-Oh Face-Off thread! This game will initially operate under the rules of nominations! Upon decided nominations, the OP will be updated accordingly as to how this game will work. Without further ado, the following rules apply regarding nominations...
  17. NovaBrunswick

    Stupid things the Pokémon anime made you believe

    Because the Pokémon anime is not as based on the games as the manga, it has taken many liberties with the game mechanics and overall lore. This has led to quite a few famous and even meme-worthy moments of "anime logic" and other inconsistences with the rest of the franchise. You probably took...
  18. Genaller

    Anime Music Face-Off - Winner: God Knows

    Welcome to the Anime Music Face-Off! As is implied in the title, this is a thread where music from various anime series will go up against each other until only 1 song/soundtrack remains. I realized that it’s a lot easier to listen to a piece of music for up to at most a few minutes rather than...
  19. Prof. SALTY

    Favourite opening theme?

    I did a quick search but couldn't find a thread similar (sorry if it already exists and I'm just stupid) What's your favourite opening to the anime? Mine are: Original series (Japanese) Battle Frontier (both Japanese and English) Diamond and Pearl OP1 (English) XY OP1 (Japanese) Sun and Moon...
  20. V

    Thoughts on Bojack Horseman?

    I think bojack Horseman is the funniest comedy anime series currently present in the internet. The sarcasm, black humour, just loved the show.