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  1. D

    Who are you favorite dub voice actors?

    Who are your favorite dub voice actors from each era of the dub? It can be from 4kids, TCPI, or both.
  2. D

    Was the massive hatred towards 4kids really justified?

    4kids was considered to be universally one of the most hated companies in the world back in the 90s and 2000s. Audiences and fans hate this company so much to the point that they want to erase it from their memories. Their worst offenses were their one piece dub with lots of censorship, bad...
  3. sampleswift

    Into The Mirror World

    Into the Mirrorverse (Pokemon) I feel like the mirror world from the XY Anime is very underused, and I’m theorizing on what more characters are like. What we know Mirror Serena likes to battle and picks on her Ash a lot. Mirror Ash is a crybaby. Mirror Team Rocket are Heroes of Judtice who...
  4. Pokeshipper_

    Favorite Ash gym battle in Unova

    Here we are, finally, the poll about your favorite gym battle in Unova! I just voted for Skyla because of the storyline and I loved how Cilan battled her to defend his thoughts on gym leaders and battles, sadly he lost, but it was clear since Ash had to win against her and change her mind, not...
  5. Pokeshipper_

    Favorite Ash gym battle in Sinnoh

    Hi there! I want to finish these polls before Ash ends his journey at the end of March, so let's do this poll about your favorite Ash gym battle in Sinnoh. Although there are very good Ash battles in Sinnoh, I'm voting Maylene's gym battle because the battle was good (Lucario vs Buizel was...
  6. Pokeshipper_

    Favorite Ash gym battle in Hoenn

    After favorite Ash gym battle in Kanto and favorite Ash gym battle in Johto, I'm opening the poll for favorite Ash gym battle in Hoenn. I know these gym battles polls are not very well received, since there are very few messages in the previous polls, but @PokemonBattleFanatic- threatened me to...
  7. ksalame23

    Do NOT remove Ash Ketchum from the Anime!

    Do NOT remove Ash Ketchum from the Anime. The new protagonists won't last more than one season. Ash Ketchum and Pikachu are meant to make new friends and last forever. Imagine all of Ash Ketchum's friends gone forever. It's absolute Hell!
  8. Pokeshipper_

    Favorite Ash gym battle in Johto

    After the poll for favorite Ash gym battle in Kanto (keep voting and comment also there, since it has few votes and comments yet) there's the poll for Ash gym battles in Johto. Have fun, vote and comment!
  9. Pokeshipper_

    Favorite Ash gym battle in Kanto

    Hi everyone! Since Ash's journeys is coming to an end, I thought to open a thread to vote our favorite Ash gym battles in Kanto. Then, we could open other threads to vote our favorites gym battles in the other regions. I hope you like this idea!
  10. LeNewbiee

    Who do you think should be a part of Masters 8 next series in case it is still a part of it?

    Let's say Ash loses to Leon and next series he aims to join once again. Since the rankings are reset, who do you think should be the new master's eight?
  11. DarkusHeracross

    Who will be the Spiritomb/Drapion of Leon vs Ash if Ash beats Cynthia?

    The Spirtiomb/Drapion is a mon newcomer, Drapion was 1st seen in that league match, Spirtitomb was also 1st seen here, its also not seen in the anime often or uses in battles like Drapion. It adds to the element of suprise of what the mon will do. Or will it just be Rillaboom again? If Ash...
  12. X

    Unpopular Question: Has anyone had a thought of Lucario and Zoroark teaming up or battling as rivals in the Pokémon anime?

    I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I keep wondering what would it be like if Lucario and Zoroark had an episode or an arc together as either part of a trainer’s team or as friendly rivals as each of their trainers build up for the Pokémon league. For me, I think they would be great...
  13. X

    What Pokémon do you think Ash will catch next in the next anime?

    I’ve been thinking about it lately about when Ash goes on a new journey and he’ll catch some new Pokémon on the way. In fact, there have been some speculations from fans that Ash will catch the starters from Scarlet and Violet (either one of them, two of them or all three of them), to which I...
  14. kevin234

    Aotuverse||Best Anime game

    Have you heard of Aotuverse? They are the 2nd most-viewed chinese anime on bilibili, and they have a playable game in China that will be released globally and integrated with P2E, also the sneak peeks of the art so far is amazing. Check this game on Youtube:
  15. LeNewbiee

    Pokemon Anime Series Idea (after JN ends)

    I know this is a long shot, but after seeing Serena's return last episode, I would like a series where Ash travels with Serena, with them traveling while accomplishing their goals together. Serena could be like Goh in JN where she has as equal focus and treatment as Ash. Basically she would be a...
  16. F

    What is up with this image?

    There’s this image that shows Goh holding his rotom phone, it shows his home screen layout with the apps being: wether, maps, unknown app (probably the Pokédex), phone, camera, and other unknown app (most likely to keep track of Goh's caught Pokémon, the logo does resemble Pokémon GO). Is this...
  17. NovaBrunswick

    How do you think Gen 8 moves will be shown in the anime?

    As with every new generation that has come out, Gen 8 has introduced some new moves. While a few have already been shown so far in the Sword & Shield arc of the Pokémon anime, there are still many left to show. Here are a few of my favourites and how I think they'll be portrayed in the anime...
  18. NovaBrunswick

    Banned/Controversial Pokémon Anime Episodes

    Throughout its 23-year run, the Pokémon anime has fallen foul of the censors a few times, which has ended up with some episodes being heavily edited, attracting controversy, or even outright banned. Here are some of the most famous (infamous?) examples of episodes which were banned or were...
  19. A

    Strongest Gym leader in the anime so far

    Who do you guys think are the strongest gym Leaders from the anime so far? Please Note that I am not considering the Frontier Brains and Island Kahunas as they aren't technically gym leader. This is my Top 5 list. Giovanni(With Mewtwo): I am aware that Mewtwo escaped but he did have it in...
  20. Mythical-Moonlight

    What did Gou do? (Read the last post. Let's all be a bit more civil regarding Go)

    Of all the traveling Companions that Ash has had over the years, Gou is the one who I've seen get by far the most vitriol thrown at him. Even moreso than Misty or Iris or anyone. At least with the former two, I can sorta understand why some people may have be turned away by them but Gou's been...