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  1. Genaller

    Ash’s Best Team Of NFE Pokémon

    What do you think is Ash’s best team of Pokémon who are nfe (a.k.a are still capable of evolving)? Mine would be: 1. Pikachu 2. Bulbasaur 3. Gible 4. Squirtle 5. Pignite 6. Buizel* * For the 6th slot I think Corphish and Quilava could also be decent choices though with Buizel there’s added...
  2. Genaller

    Who is Ash’s 8th strongest Pokémon?

    So a while ago we had a poll regarding who’s Ash’s 7th strongest Pokémon and Krookodile won that poll convincingly. With that in mind is there a definitive PAD consensus for who is Ash’s #8 (pre-SM)? My vote goes to Bulbasaur due to the Brandon feat where he did over half the work on a Pokémon...
  3. Acerola

    Art Lovers...what is your favorite medium?

    Hello! As the title says, what is your favorite medium when creating art? And what kind of art do you love to make? Personally I've always loved art, so I like all kinds of medium. I tend to use: Pencil Fine Liners Markers (very rarely) Yarn! (I just started getting into crocheting today...
  4. Genaller

    Strongest Team That Ash Has Actually Used

    Basically out of the full teams of 6 that Ash has actually used in official battles, which team would be the strongest? Here are the full teams that Ash has used in battle: — Orange League Team Pikachu, Squirtle, Taruos, Lapras, Bulbasaur, Charizard — Johto League Team against Gary Taruos...
  5. pokedigijedi

    What do you like and what do you dislike about the UB arc? (may contain spoilers)

    So like the title says: what do you like and what do you dislike about the Ultra Beast arc? (may contain spoilers) I know it goes without saying but let's try to be civil about this topic, everyone is entitled to their own opinion if you disagree that's fine just please don't tear me apart What...
  6. Genaller

    Which Battle Had The Highest Stakes For Ash?

    Basically which battle did Ash at the time of said battle consider the “biggest deal”? Note that I’m not asking which of his battles do you personally consider to have the highest stakes, but rather which 1 would Ash himself consider to have the highest stakes. Please let me know if you need...
  7. pokedigijedi

    How would you feel if Bulbasaur finally decided to evolve?

    Like the title says, how would you feel if Bulbasaur after all these years finally decided it wanted to evolve? it could work, maybe Bulbasaur hits a spot in its life were the only way for it to further improve is to evolve, they could even use this as a means to create the Aesop "sometimes in...
  8. Genaller

    Has Dusk Lycanroc surpassed Snorlax?

    Well the episode has happened; now it’s time to cast in your votes! Some things to note: - Nanu’s Krookodile should be decisively above pre-training Dusk Lycanroc(even with DL’s rage issues factored in). - The same Krookodile proceeds to loose to post-training DL with relatively low diff and...
  9. Genaller

    Will Dusk Lycanroc surpass Snorlax?

    Will Dusk Lycanroc’s perfromance in the upcoming episode catapult it over Ash’s mighty bear!? Will GPICSS become GPLICS!? This is a prediction thread where people can place their “bets” (and how confident they are with their choice) for whether Dusk Lycanroc will overthrow Snorlax, and there’ll...
  10. Genaller

    Ash's GOAT Performance As A Trainer!

    Greatest Performance Of Ash’s Life; SL Paul or KL Alain!!!??? Positive Feats: — SL Paul - Sswitched Pikachu out in order to reset his special defense which was lowered by Aggron's Metal Sound (basically a nod to how stat changes in-game are reset when the Pokemon switches out) - Had...
  11. Genaller

    Most Skilled Battler V3

    So a while ago PBF made polls regarding which (non-GL/FB/E4/RC) onscreen trainer is the most skilled. The first one was pretty much turning into another DP Ash vs XY Ash poll, so he made a 2nd 1 excluding any variant of Ash where Paul (rightfully) won by an landslide. I think it would be...
  12. Genaller

    Which Of Tobias’s Pokemon Was The Superior Battler?

    Tobias! The walking action replay who cost Ash the Sinnoh League had 2 very powerful Pokémon. First up we have his Darkrai whom he used to sweep 8 Sinnoh gym leaders and 5 league trainers including the other league finalist! Darkrai’s moveset is: - Ice Beam - Dark Void - Dream Eater - Dark...
  13. Genaller

    Ash-Greninja Battle Viability Assessment: Compilation!

    Hey everyone, the following is a compilation of all of my arguments concerning Ash-Greninja’s “battle viability”. This topic has been heavily debated around here for roughly the past 1 and a 1/2 years and this thread is basically my way of finally getting closure on the matter. Note that I may...
  14. Genaller

    Paul’s Torterra vs Sawyer’s Mega Sceptile; Poll Tally!

    While Paul may be the stronger trainer overall, how would Paul’s starter Torterra fare against Sawyer’s starter Mega Sceptile in a 1 vs 1 bout!? I know that we have versus to discuss stuff like this though the primary purpose of this poll is to get a consensus of PAD opinion on this matchup as...
  15. NovaBrunswick

    Favourite Poké-Girl? (Anime)

    Who is your favourite out of all of Ash's female friends in the Pokémon anime? Mine are: Misty - the original Poké-Girl, her type specialism was cool, yet she was fiery like her red hair. Dawn - she strives to be a Contest Master, and she has probably the cutest Sinnoh starter, Piplup. Serena...
  16. T

    If people hate the Pokémon anime so much, why do they keep watching it?

    I see a lot of Pokémon fans complaining in the comment sections of videos such as these And I notice a lot of people saying that Ash needs to be replaced, he needs to age, and that the anime is ****. I myself dislike it as well and quit watching years ago. But if these people hate the anime...
  17. JigglyKirby

    Help me to ID this episode!

    First time seeing Meowth donning a baby bonnet & pacifier!