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  1. pacman000

    PokeShipping (Ash x Misty)

    Credit: https://serebii.net/anime/pictures/indigo/020ps12.shtml PokeShipping - Ash & Misty as a couple. I saw the old thread died, & that made me sad. Perhaps it's been too long since the first series. Nevertheless, I think there's still enough to talk about, so here's a new thread. I'll...
  2. L

    Pokemon Crystal Team Help

    I’m just before Clair’s gym and I have: Feraligatr L40 Ursaring L40 Growlithe L39 (will evolve after it gets flamethrower) Heracross L36 For the final spots I can’t seem to decide so any help would be great Umbreon/Espeon Xatu/Skarmory I’ve never used any of these before hence why I’m keen...
  3. NovaBrunswick

    Which Johto starter did you choose?

    Which starter did you choose for your adventures in Johto? You can include HG/SS too. I had Totodile in the original Silver and Chikorita in SS. I didn't choose Totodile, however; the game had previously belonged to my cousin, so Chikorita was the first Johto starter I chose myself.
  4. P

    would love to find other people who love Hoenn and Johto

    Hoenn is pretty popular, but has a lot of detractors. I really think it's one of the best regions in Pokemon ever. I don't mind the surfing; everything else makes up for it. I always loved the soundtrack too, even if there are lots of trumpets. Johto is a lot less popular. I don't know why. I...
  5. A

    How would you rank the generations music-wise??

    Hi all! So I’m planning on making a YouTube video where I rank each generation of Pokémon main series games (1-8) on their overall music, including the standout themes from each generation in the video. With that, I want to get all of your opinions! How would you rank the Pokemon games by the...
  6. NovaBrunswick

    Favourite Johto Legendary Beast?

    Legendary dogs, cats or beasts - whatever you call them, we all have a favourite. Which one is yours? Mine has to be Suicune - it just looks so majestic with its flowing purple mane and ribbons. I also love its design in general as well, and Eusine chasing it around Johto in Crystal and HG/SS...
  7. Ethan Mantooth

    Ash's best team

    I personally think Ash's Sinnoh team is the best Kalos is a close 2nd I just think his Sinnoh Team is better all around yes I know Greninja is super good but besides him Kalos team is good at best
  8. solarhorse

    Gold & Silver: A live-action Pokemon movie script

    Before the release of Detective Pikachu, the idea for a live-action Pokemon movie simmered away in my mind for years, so I thought I'd try and put my ideas into words. I've posted this fic in a few subreddits and now I'm posting it in Serebii as I felt it would be best appreciated here. I was...
  9. solrocknroll

    How would the Johto dynamics have changed if Tracey tagged along?

    Ash, Misty, Brock, and Tracey would all be in one group. We've seen groups of four before, but one of those four usually is a kid who doesn't catch Pokemon. If this had been the case, I'm assuming he would have been the most passive member of the group.
  10. Mega Altaria

    Favorite Johto Location?

    Which place(s) in Johto do you like the best? Please explain your choice(s) with a little detail.