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  1. X

    This is a crazy idea based on Pokeraf’s future speculation, but…

    I know this is not important to some and I know that Ash’s Greninja was retconned, but hear me out. One day on twitter, the Pokeraf posted a tease of an upcoming speculation video featuring his prediction of Ash-Greninja returning to the Pokémon series as well as Zygarde “Squishy” to fight...
  2. NovaBrunswick

    Are Pokédex entries exaggerated?

    The Pokédex contains many seemingly unbelievable "facts" about Pokémon, such as Magcargo being hotter than the surface of the sun, Arcanine being able to run 6,200 miles in a day without stopping, and Raichu being able to knock out an Indian elephant with its Electric attacks. It's likely that...
  3. NovaBrunswick

    Which Johto starter did you choose?

    Which starter did you choose for your adventures in Johto? You can include HG/SS too. I had Totodile in the original Silver and Chikorita in SS. I didn't choose Totodile, however; the game had previously belonged to my cousin, so Chikorita was the first Johto starter I chose myself.
  4. NovaBrunswick

    Favourite Hoenn Gym Leader?

    Who are your favourite Gym Leaders out of Hoenn? These are mine: Brawly - when he isn't fulfilling his Gym duties, he's a laid-back surfer who loves catching waves instead of Pokémon. Wattson - he's a jolly old man who's always laughing and joking. Flannery - she's fierce and feisty. Also, she...
  5. NeedsAName

    Starter Survivor (Final Stages)

    Welcome to Starter Survivor, the thread that determines the popularity of starters by slowly voting them off! Each round will go like this: A new round is announced by me and the remaining starters are listed A 24-hour voting period begins where anyone can vote for one starter to be removed At...
  6. NovaBrunswick

    Which Kalos starter did you choose?

    Which starter did you choose in X and Y? I chose Fennekin, since as I said in the other starter threads, I've chosen the Fire starter in every generation since Gen 3. He's now a Delphox.
  7. NovaBrunswick

    Hardest Champion Battle?

    Who do you think was the most challenging Champion to defeat? It can be either teams, how long you took to defeat them, or simply the difficulty level. The hardest Champion for me is definitely Cynthia. She has a great diversity in her team, and that Spiritomb of hers is no easy feat...
  8. NovaBrunswick

    How do you pronounce Arceus?

    There's somewhat of a controversy surrounding how Arceus's name is pronounced in the Pokémon fandom. Is it pronounced "Ar-cee-us" or "Ar-kee-us"? Apparently, the latter is the "official" pronunciation, since when the movie starring Arceus was coming out, the anime dubbers thought the former...
  9. Emboar_Rulez

    What Hoenn Starter did you choose?

    Just curious on what your starter Pokémon was in Hoenn!
  10. Emboar_Rulez

    What Gen V Starter did you choose and why

    Just curious on what starter you choose in the unova games!
  11. NovaBrunswick

    Favourite Johto Legendary Beast?

    Legendary dogs, cats or beasts - whatever you call them, we all have a favourite. Which one is yours? Mine has to be Suicune - it just looks so majestic with its flowing purple mane and ribbons. I also love its design in general as well, and Eusine chasing it around Johto in Crystal and HG/SS...
  12. NovaBrunswick

    Favourite Regional Bird?

    Every generation of Pokémon so far has had a first-route Flying-type that is often caught by beginning trainers. Which is your favourite of the regional birdies? :D My favourites are Starly and Fletchling, the reason being that they evolve into two pretty amazing Pokémon: Staraptor and...
  13. NovaBrunswick

    Which starter type do you choose most often?

    Out of the Grass-Fire-Water starter trios, which type do you often choose to accompany you on your journey? I've been a lifelong Fire fan since Gen 3, choosing every single Fire starter in each game. There are a few exceptions, however, since I 'chose' (read: was forced to play with) Pikachu in...
  14. NovaBrunswick

    What was your very first game console?

    Nintendo, Sega, Sony, Microsoft or even good old Atari - it doesn't matter. What was the very first game console you owned? (It can be handheld or a home console.) PCs don't count, as I consider them to be of multiple uses other than gaming. If you can remember it, you can also say what games...
  15. CocoEcho

    Which pokemon do you want to play with in Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I personally think Zoroark would be a lovely addition to the roster, with a theif attack that pockets items just like villager, except he pockets items that he steals from his opponents, the attack also does a small amount of damage, the attack knock-off will knock away the opponent's item, and...
  16. NovaBrunswick

    Scariest Cave Themes

    Caves - we've all had to go through them on our Pokémon journeys, dodging all the Zubats and Geodudes or, in Unova, the Woobats and Roggenrolas. But some caves are a little creepier than others. So which region do you think has the scariest of all the themes for caves? These are mine: Kanto...
  17. Genaller

    Which Battle Had The Highest Stakes For Ash?

    Basically which battle did Ash at the time of said battle consider the “biggest deal”? Note that I’m not asking which of his battles do you personally consider to have the highest stakes, but rather which 1 would Ash himself consider to have the highest stakes. Please let me know if you need...
  18. Genaller

    Has Dusk Lycanroc surpassed Snorlax?

    Well the episode has happened; now it’s time to cast in your votes! Some things to note: - Nanu’s Krookodile should be decisively above pre-training Dusk Lycanroc(even with DL’s rage issues factored in). - The same Krookodile proceeds to loose to post-training DL with relatively low diff and...
  19. Genaller

    Will Dusk Lycanroc surpass Snorlax?

    Will Dusk Lycanroc’s perfromance in the upcoming episode catapult it over Ash’s mighty bear!? Will GPICSS become GPLICS!? This is a prediction thread where people can place their “bets” (and how confident they are with their choice) for whether Dusk Lycanroc will overthrow Snorlax, and there’ll...
  20. NovaBrunswick

    Which Striaton brother did you battle?

    Striaton City Gym had three siblings as Gym Leaders: the Grass-type brother Cilan, the Fire-type brother Chili, and the Water-type brother Cress. Which brother you fought depended on your starter - so if you chose Snivy you'd fight Chili, if you chose Tepig you'd fight Cress, and if you chose...