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Do you play with Nuzlocke rules?

  • Yes!

    Votes: 14 27.5%
  • No...

    Votes: 30 58.8%
  • What the hell is Nuzlocke?

    Votes: 7 13.7%

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What's the software DuncanKneeDeep and HoodlumScrafty use for roulette free for alls?
What kind of battle arena would you run. What types of pokemon would you use. What would people see you as kind, wicked, stubborn, determination

I would run a place called the battle camp and i would have 4 pokemon first time and a rematch 6 pokemon (1) dragonite (54) (2) vensaur (52) (3) bastiodon (52) (4) charizard (65) REMATCH (1) venasaur (58) (2) blastoise (56) (3) dragonite (63) (4) bastiodon (60) (5) gengar (62) (6) charizard (75) by the way the big numbers are the levels
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The Battle Labyrinth

Frontier Brain: Labyrinth Guardian Silas
Facility Style: Travel
1st Team: Cofagrigus, Bronzong, Vespiquen
2nd Team: Dusknoir, Weezing, Snorlax

Premise: The player must travel through a large maze to find and defeat seven trainers consecutively. After 21 and 49 consecutive wins, the player faces the Battle Labyrinth's frontier brain, Silas.
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thats good real good. the battle camp is you must face trials of strength or wisdom if you choose strength you will face hard core battles but if you choose wisdom you answer questions more than battle but at the end you must beat the Battle Camp Director Tyrone


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This didn't need a thread, and even if it did, it doesn't belong in this section given there's a section specifically for the anime.
Wonder Trades returning to you.

This sounds nearly impossible perhaps a 1 in a million chance depending on how many people are wonder trading at the same time all the time, but is it possible if one of your originally caught pokemons that you wonder traded can return to you a couple minutes later by someone else?


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statistically is possible though you'd have to beat a pretty high chance to get your's back.


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getting tera-suma and green mail on pokemon silver

I got pokemon silver from me uncle recently. The battery was dead So I decided to change the battery. After playing for a while I met the guy who gives you the spearow with the mail you are supposed to take to the guy on route 31. I forget about him and continued playing the game. After messing around for a while I turned it off. The next day I decided to take the mail to the guy but he said it wasn't the right mail. So I read the mail and it said green. I tried to store it in the mail box but it was also full of mail saying green. I took some out and it turned into a ?. I was curious so I sold it at the shop for 19660. After clearing out my box, I went upstairs in the pokecenter. Their was a guy standing on the left so I talked to him and he gave me a tera-suma. It can also be sold for 19660. The only thing I could think of that would have caused this glitch was either dropping it while I was playing or trying to trade pokemon. Both of these times I had the spearow in my party. If anyone knows what caused me to get tera-suma that would be nice to know.


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Teru-sama is to items what Missingno is to Pokemon. In other words, a glitch.

Regardless though, this didn't need a thread. Use the Questions Thread next time.


which is your fav Johto starter

Mine is Cyndaquil with Totodile coming in at a close second, with Chikorita coming in at third.

what about you guys ?


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Regular pokeballs?

I dont know why but having pokemon in my team or even catching pokemon in anything but a regualr pokeball really annoys me. I have to catch every pokemon in regular pokeballs, it gives more of a challenge but also, it means you wont be throwing your pokemon out to fight in crappy mega or ultra balls. I also never use the master ball. I dont know why, mabye its because you only get one, but i also feel like its kind of a cheat. I've craved for a system to change the pokeball of a pokemon for ages, I'd love to have all my pokemon in premier or luxury balls!

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Which abilities would you give to which Pokémon and why?(No Huge Power/Pure Power!)

Since there are still a considerable amount of Pokémon without HAs(such as Levitate users and Mythical Pokémon) or Secondary Abilities(Such as the starters), and since there are a lot of Pokémon who have their three Abilities before a more fitting one is introduced(such as most of the Gen I Pokémon), which of the known roster of abilities would give to the current Pokémon and what would be your reasoning?

You can add abilities either for flavor or for in-game and competitive uses.


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look for certain thread?

I am looking for right thread for friend code exchange for Pokemon Rumble World, especially Vivillon patterns.

thank you.
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