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sword and shield

  1. ohjeezitskim

    Alola Starters in Rare Balls

    LF: Friend/Safari ball HA Rowlet Dive/Beast HA Popplio Apricorn balls, safari balls FT: Litten (ALL HA) Premier, Luxury, Moon, Level Rowlet (HA) Luxury, Nest (Non-HA) Dive Popplio (HA) Lure, Luxury (Non-HA) Dive, Beast About 150 other rare ball mons, will send list if interested...
  2. ohjeezitskim

    FT 5IV perfect Moon ball Noibat

    I've been MMing for a shiny Moon Ball Noibat and have a lots of spare 5iv ones. Both abilities (frisk/infiltrator) I also have 5IV perfect Rowlet (some HA) and 5IV perfect Alola Vulpix (Some HA) I'm looking for: HA Alola/Galar mons 4-5IV mons in special balls (moon, friend, lure, heavy, ect)
  3. TokoyamiTheDark

    Question about Pokémon HOME premium renewal

    My Pokémon HOME Premium account will expire in 3 days or so. Is there a way to renew it BEFORE it expires, or do I have to wait until it expires to buy a new pass? I contacted Nintendo for that, and they didn't even know the answer to my question... I don't wanna lose all my Pokémon in my HOME...
  4. SorcererPikachu5X5

    Shiny Pokémon Trade List

    Hi everyone, I have a massive list of Shiny Pokémon that I’m both looking for and willing to trade. Many of them will have some specifics like regarding its gender and ability. Don’t worry about either which Pokéball it’s in or its IVs. HOWEVER, if you’re able to rename your Pokémon, that...
  5. R

    Trading for game exclusive and trade exclusive evolutions

    Hey all. I have Pokemon Sword version. Looking to trade for pokemon found in shield version and pokemon evolved through trade. I have a lot of pokemon to trade that are exclusive to sword and also ready for you to get your trade evolutions done if you haven't. I need quite a few trade evolutions...
  6. S

    Looking to finish my dex for SwSh

    LF: Stonjourner, Slurpuff, and Accelgor. Also need Zacian but would prefer to do a touch trade, will trade Zamazenta as collateral. FT: Shiny lvl. 10 Machop, Shiny lvl. 39 Seadra if interested my FC is SW-5218-8377-3210
  7. P

    LF Scrappy Farfetch'd

    LF: Farfetch'd (Scrappy) any nature/IV/ball TF: HA pokemons - Indeedee, Sableye, Klink Klang, Passimian, Oranguru, Heleoptile, Snorunt, Vulpix, Snom Here's my Friend Code: SW-2247-0777-8595 I am online now.
  8. Dalicussnuss

    Falling on Pokemon Sword (and Shield); this game is actually good.

    A lot of people are disappointed with this game. And I have my own frustrations. For example, no elite 4? I feel like I never actually beat it. Sun and Moon was tough for me to get into because the new formula made it so easy to play through. We're back to the Gym leaders in the game, but it was...
  9. NovaBrunswick

    Favourite Gen 8 Pokémon?

    The eighth generation of Pokémon has once again brought some new favourites to the table. Which are your favourites out of the new bunch? Mine are: Rillaboom Scorbunny Corviknight Orbeetle Wooloo Yamper Appletun Polteageist Hatterene Obstagoon Alcremie Snom Frosmoth Indeedee Morpeko Eiscue...
  10. Millennium01

    HA Snom request

    Hello there. So basically, I've been wanting to play through Pokemon Shield with a Frosmoth on my team, specifically one with its hidden ability of Ice Scales so I set out to find one in the Wild Area for the last three days, unfortunately to no avail. So I have decided that I should get a move...
  11. A

    Trading Shield Exclusives

    LF: Gothita, Scraggy, Passimian, Flapple, Deino, Stonjourner, Slurpuff, and Solrock. FT: Solosis, Goomy, Oranguru, Appltun, Croagunk, Eiscue, Lunatone, Spritzee with sachet. Most pokemon are level 1 and hatched from eggs, except spritzee which is at level 21. I'm simply looking to get all of...
  12. K

    Regional HA + Other Ball Forms are Breedable

    I'm posting this as a friend told me it was listed Meowth-K HA was unavailable, this isn't true. You're able to breed HA Female Galarian Meowth with Male Kantonian Meowth (via ingame trade, the one you get is Female, but as we know from USUM giving a Regional Form an Everstone breeds down the...
  13. K

    Regional HA + Other Ball Forms are Breedable

    I'm posting this as a friend told me it was listed Meowth-K HA was unavailable, this isn't true. You're able to breed HA Female Galarian Meowth with Male Kantonian Meowth (via ingame trade, the one you get is Female, but as we know from USUM giving a Regional Form an Everstone breeds down the...
  14. T

    Shiny Vanilluxe

    I caught a shiny vanilluxe in shield and are looking to trade it for another shiny .
  15. DragonScale

    What Pokemon would you add to the Galar pokedex?

    Rules No Starter Pokemon (except the Bulbasaur and Squirtle lines), Fossils or Legendaries/Mythicals/Ultra Beasts from past gens You can buff said pokemon you're bring back if you want to like giving it a new ability and move they would've benefit from I would add (and buff) the following...
  16. FluffyFurret

    FT: 6IV English Ditto, LF: 6IV non-English Ditto

    As it says in the title.
  17. G

    Pokémon Sword + Shield Trading

    Hey, this is just a thread to help those who are looking for a specific Pokémon for their party, to complete their sexy, or what ever it’s for.
  18. Crystoll

    LF (Milcery/Alcremie) Ribbon Sweet

    Hello, as the title states I am in search for a Ribbon Sweet. I am offering 3 Sweets in return; one Love Sweet, Two Strawberry Sweets, and one Berry Sweet. I do have a few pokemon to hopefully entice the offer, but I cannot check IVs as I refuse to progress the game until I have said specific...
  19. FluffyFurret

    I have Shield and am looking for Sword exclusives to complete my Dex *-*

    Hello! I really want to obtain the shiny charm so the last couple of days I've been trying to complete my Dex and I caught-bred-evolved every Pokemon that's possible in Shield. If someone could help me with this I would gladly trade them the Shield exclusives for them to complete theirs as...
  20. forestminish

    Star Sweet and Ribbon Sweet for Alcremie aren't in the game yet. Prove me wrong

    There are 7 Sweets in the game code that can be used to evolve Milcery into Alcremie: Strawberry Sweet Berry Sweet Love Sweet Clover Sweet Flower Sweet Star Sweet Ribbon Sweet These are randomly given out as prizes in each of the Battle Cafes in Motostoke, Hammerlocke, and Wyndon. However, I...