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Bosnian is my native language, English is my second language. I also speak some German.


Try to understand.
I can only speak English at length, but I have taken both German (2 years) and Spanish (3 years).

My German and Spanish are at the level that I can make tweets in those languages given the time to plot them out.
In case anyone is wondering, the reason I made tweets like that would be on specific language twitter accounts, such as Nintendo Of Deutschland (Germany).

I know a very small amount of Italian and Japanese, and I can say 1-10 in both languages. I know a few conversation lines in Japanese when I was doing some disc learning (I need to go back to that sometime).

I think my real strength comes from finding linguistic patterns and coincidences.

For example:
Heißen- To be called.
Heiß- Hot

Llamar- To be called.
llamas- Flames


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I am fluent in Dutch (well its my mother tongue or whatever you call it) and in writing and understanding in English as well. Consider it to be my second language.
I used to be well trained in German as well as well some basic Spanish.

And I come from Eindhoven, so Boeruh! (some Dutch will get that :D).

Also I am interested in learning Japanese due to watching Japanese anime and continue learning Spanish.

Archangel Azazel

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I speak English and Spanish. Spanish as first, English as second. I know French as well, but only a few phrases here and there.

I may have "mastered" English by now, but its honestly still a bit difficult to grasp given how I actually struggle when trying to explain somethings or clarify what I am talking about. Also I still have a hard time - a VERY hard time - with elocution... as pointed out by many people thinking its either a lisp or simply my heavy accent which leads to everyone to think I am Indian and they can't understand me ... >.>

My fault though, because I chose to not continue with those classes throughout my high school years to improve such a thing.

Conquering Storm

Driver of the Aegis
I speak English, Esperanto (not fluently), a little Irish Gaelic, and some extremely rusty Danish. I'm hoping to start learning Japanese soon.


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Unfortunately I speak only English. If I had known being bilingual would make it better looking for a job, I would have paid more attention to Spanish in the 3 years I took it in high school.


faerie dragon ghost
native: english
learning: japanese

I also took spanish in highschool, but I've already forgotten what little I knew.


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Maybe we should create a Spanish conversation board for people to practice? There seems to be a lot of people that want to learn.
I natively speak English, and I'm learning Spanish and ASL.
I'd love to be fluent in those, and I would also like to learn Japanese for the always nerdy reason of no need for subtitles lol.


Komodo Dragons Rule!
My native language is Spanish and I'm pretty good at speaking English. I know some words in Japanese


My first language is Finnish and I also speak English and Swedish fluently. I can also hold a conversation in German and read books, news and such but it has never been quite as easy as English or especially Swedish for me; also my German skills have become even rustier as I haven't spoken it in ages. I studied Chinese for two years when I was in lower secondary school, but I wasn't able to continue with it when I went to upper secondary school. I still remember some phrases, words and characters. Last summer I took a course in Biblical Hebrew and know the basics of the language. I just started learning Modern Hebrew. I'm interested in learning a Romance language, mainly Italian, and possibly Korean.

I'm going to apply into Swedish or German studies next year as I dream of becoming a translator specialising in both of those (and possibly Hebrew or English).


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My first language is English, and I am doing my GCSE's for French and German towards the end of this year.

I also took a small amount of Japanese in Year 7, but my teacher left, so yeah.

I would also like to learn Italian, as I have some Italian relatives


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I know English. I took three years of Spanish and two years in French, but I forgot most of it. I still remember the basics of each language, enough to read it online or watch a video with subtitles, but that's about it.

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I speak English, Welsh, and some French c: I'm also hard of hearing so I use British sign language quite frequently! (Even though I don't 'speak' it haha) ♡


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Well, I've been trying to improve my French lately and I think I'm making some good progress. I'm still only fluent in English, though :/

I'm also interested in learning some Japanese, Spanish, and Russian.


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I speak English and some Indonesian- I will probably take french lessons next year for school too.