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ash ketchum

  1. Pokeshipper_

    Favorite Ash gym battle in Hoenn

    After favorite Ash gym battle in Kanto and favorite Ash gym battle in Johto, I'm opening the poll for favorite Ash gym battle in Hoenn. I know these gym battles polls are not very well received, since there are very few messages in the previous polls, but @PokemonBattleFanatic- threatened me to...
  2. Dark_King25

    What is your favorite Ash design?

    Ash had a lot of different design iterations based on his clothing and art style what is your favorite and rank all of them here in the thread Mines are 1. XY 2. DP 3. OS 4. Power of Us / Secrets of the Jungle 5. I choose you 6. AG 7. JN 8. BW 9. SM 10. Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution
  3. ksalame23

    Do NOT remove Ash Ketchum from the Anime!

    Do NOT remove Ash Ketchum from the Anime. The new protagonists won't last more than one season. Ash Ketchum and Pikachu are meant to make new friends and last forever. Imagine all of Ash Ketchum's friends gone forever. It's absolute Hell!
  4. Dark_King25

    What are your POPULAR opinions about the anime?

    Well I'm kinda getting tired of unpopular opinion threads on every forum I see let's switch it up this time what are your most vanilla takes about the pokemon anime Here's Mine - I really love the anime's portrayal of the main Charizards. - Iris in JN really redeemed her character for me - XY...
  5. Dark_King25

    Favorite Ash Ketchum regional Ace Pokemon?

    Pikachu may be ash's partner but that doesn't mean he has all the spotlight the pokes that share that spotlight are his regional ace pokemon so who is your favorite ace?
  6. Ragnarok4

    FAVORITE Ash team

  7. AllOfAshmon

    Farewell to Ash and Co

    Since we are entering the final 11 episode of Ash and Pikachu journey, i thought it time to pen down our farewell to Ash, Pikachu and possibly Oak, Brock, Misty, TR after the 11 episode end and write down our farewell and memories of us watching in the last 25 years of Ash journey be it from the...
  8. Dinos

    Ash vs Leon M8 final battle real spoilers/leaks???

    This is a section for any news/leaks/spoilers about Ash VS Leon in the finals of M8
  9. S

    Out of the iterations of Ash, DP gave us the best in his character growth

    Ash's character stands out the most in this series because he feels very competent and mature for a trainer while having flaws like his hot-headedness which eventually he got better control and acting a bit childish at times. His skills in this series is developed really well and it's shown in...
  10. X

    What Pokémon do you think Ash will catch next in the next anime?

    I’ve been thinking about it lately about when Ash goes on a new journey and he’ll catch some new Pokémon on the way. In fact, there have been some speculations from fans that Ash will catch the starters from Scarlet and Violet (either one of them, two of them or all three of them), to which I...
  11. X

    This is a crazy idea based on Pokeraf’s future speculation, but…

    I know this is not important to some and I know that Ash’s Greninja was retconned, but hear me out. One day on twitter, the Pokeraf posted a tease of an upcoming speculation video featuring his prediction of Ash-Greninja returning to the Pokémon series as well as Zygarde “Squishy” to fight...
  12. X

    Would it be awesome if all of Ash’s previous companions come to the masters 8 final?

    I had that thought for a long while after some events, from a speculation video by the pokeraf and artwork of them together by Legacy3211, to the episodes leading up to the masters 8 tournament and the recent tournament episodes. I think it would be an amazing moment where all of Ash’s...
  13. SerGoldenhandtheJust

    Ash is coming to Pokemon Masters EX!!!

    So I know this is technically game news, but since it features the main anime element of anipoke and feels like an actual canon adhering story rather than just a fun event, I feel like it deserves its own thread in the anime section as well! So anyway, back to the topic. Recent datamines of the...
  14. W

    Who Made Ash into Ashes?

    Act 1 Team Rocket drive down the road in a van dressed up in their news reporter and camera crew disguises making their way towards Ash's house hoping to use a request for an interview to get in close and steal Pikachu. "That battle with Leon's Charizard was amazing I can't believe the twerp...
  15. Ragnarok4

    Who of these is stronger

  16. KirliaToon50

    What if scenario: Ash loses the Alola league?

    how would it change the timeline if Ash loses the alola league? would Journeys be back to XY Animation style, Would Gloria be introduced with allister being Gym leader following Ash Ketchum? how about Ash still following PWC but with Characters from Galar? would it still allow for Fillers? This...
  17. SerGoldenhandtheJust

    How do you feel about the Orange Islands arc?

    Orange Islands, a major arc in the anime that many tend to dismiss as a 'filler' arc and dont really talk about much. For me personally, Orange Islands is my fav part of the entire OS series Easily the best in my eyes. Dont get me wrong, I love the humor of Kanto episodes but the writing for...
  18. Ragnarok4

    So far, how would you rate Journeys?

    1-5 Rate
  19. Adobe123

    Popularity Research for Other Anipoke Main Characters

    "Popularity research for Satoshi Always straight to the point with anyone! Satoshi speaks his mind in a true-to-life and straightforward way, without pretention. His fastball straight words come full circle outstandingly!? Chart: Insight: 5 Boldness: 5 Predisposition for love: 0 Seriousness: 2...
  20. F

    Repost of Pokémon gender.

    NOTE: This is a repost, i’m only reposting because there is a Pokémon i left out, which was Corphish. I did not realize until yesterday i forgot Corphish. What gender do you think: Butterfree, Pidgeott, Bulbasaur, Charizard, Squirtle, Kingler, Primape, Muk, Mr. Mime, Lapras, Snorlax...