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Video Game Designer
Getting an idea from my early writings of Valiant Emblem, this scene is actually retcon since it's out of rhythm with my work.


“You idiot!” before I could even speak, she twists her small head looping my neck with her string shot. “I was warning you not to go here!”

“Y-you can talk?” I ask her amidst coughing up.

“Telepathically. Don’t you know what you just did?” landing on my head once more, I winced in pain as she bit my forehead with her small mouth until I can feel small drops of blood dripping out slowly.

“I just want to save my friends you little pokemon! I just told you to abandon me this morning. Why should I listen to you?” I ask.

"'Cause I have a Beautifly syndrome! I'm out for blood!" I knew that my nightmare comes true right now! Try as I can to run away, she lassos me with another string shot as I drop onto the ground while she drags me deeper in this place. But the worse part is that she scatters some kind of powder that sets itself on fire all the way just to cook me as human meat. coupled with her sadistic butterfree cry all makes me think of that one guy.

"Butterfree! Are you Batrider from DOTA?! There's no way I'll live through this born HOOOOOOTT!!!" all the while it hurts as she uses Infestation at my cooking body.

"This is for rooting for the Alliance in the International DOTA World Championships 2013!"

"Hey! Listen! I'm not team Na'Vi you stupid kanto butterfly! I'm pro Vivillon!"

"No! You're Navi Zelda Fan! And I hate Pappy!"

"Not that Navi. I meant Na'Vie! HOOOTTT!!" as the flames died out, she gleefully bites my neck and drinks my blood until I lost consciousness.

And just before she flaps away, she grabs a nearby lit Molotov and lassos it to the dead Motto who's wearing a now burnt Team NaVi tt-shirt. Too bad it meant Natus Vincere which meant "Born to Win".
here's a silly scene that i've just thought off.

a man was busy, doing his non-existing homework at night.

Until dumbledore crashed through the window in his ferrari.

"you have aids!!!" shouted dumbledore.

The man was shock as his mother who happens to be a doctor came into his room and starts to make out with dumbledore.

"no, it's not possible! It can't be true!" gasped the man as he witness the scene.

"yes, i have issues." said dumbledore.


and on that night, no one except the dog knew what happened next.

Because the dog set the man's house on fire.
this needs to be published! Right away!
Ooh, this is just perfect! I can practice to write that fic I mentioned twice. Okay, here goes:

I stared into thin air in shock and horror for what felt like hours. I...couldn't believe what Jirachi had just shown me. How could they... he's such a sweet little child. Four different guardians...all of them monsters... I was trembling. I can't really describe what I was feeling at the moment. It was a combination of various negative emotions. Anger that there were people and pokemon cruel enough out there to do that to a child. Heartache seeing it all happen to the sweet little Pichu that I had grown so attached to. Nausea from how brutal the trainer was, as well as that disgusting scientist's horrible experiments on him. And a combination of all three, with a healthy dose of horror, from watching that evil, disgusting, sadistic, MONSTROUS Victreebel steal away what little innocence he had left by...by... I...need to stop thinking about that before I throw up... I turn to Jirachi, trying my best to remain stoic. "Th-thank you for showing me." I say with a nod. "Though I....wish I'd never asked..."

"I think it's good that you know." Jirachi says with a weak smile. "It may change your relationship for the better." And with that, he vanishes, leaving me and Pichu alone in the clearing. I look over to see how he's holding up from that whole scene we just witnessed. He's curled up in a trembling ball. I approach him. "Pichu?" I say softly, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder. He looks up at me. "Are you alright?"

"Y-Yes, Ms. Snivy..." He whimpers pitifully, an audible quake in his voice. I can tell just by looking at him that he's trying so hard not to cry...

"Pichu..." I say gently. "You're bottling up your emotions. If you want to cry, cry."

"B-but I was told not to-" I interrupt him by placing a finger over his lips gently.

"Shh. Listen to me." I tell him gently. "Your old trainer Joseph is not here. That evil scientist is not here. That disgusting Victreebel is not here. I AM here. And I say it's okay." He looks up at me for a few seconds, tears forming in his eyes. They start out as choked sobs, prompting me to scoop him up into my arms and hold him close to my chest. "That's right. Let it all out." I whisper in his ear as he buries his face into my chest and the sobs start to get louder. Soon, he's sobbing so loud I'm surprised Ash and the others haven't ignored Jirachi's request for us to be alone privately and come running to find out what the problem is. I just stand there quietly holding him, rubbing his back slowly. I don't need to say anything. The best thing I can do for him right now is be there for him. After what felt like hours, the crying starts to die down. Soon, he's just shaking, his face still buried in my soaking wet chest. "There. Better?" I ask, smiling down at him. He looks up into my eyes and nods. "That's good. Now... it should be bedtime soon. Let's go back, okay?"

"O-okay." He says with a nod. With a smile, I help him onto my back [Thank Arceus he's so small] and we begin walking back to where the others were. As we get closer, I can hear Ash saying "I'm telling you guys, something's up in there!" Then I hear Cilan reply "Okay, if they're not back in five minutes, we go in after them." I let out a cry to get their attention. "Oh, there they are." Iris says. She looks at us and giggles. "Pichu riding on Snivy's back never stops being cute."

So, after answering Emolga, Oshawott, Pikachu, Axew and Scraggy's questions, [I'm still kind of surprised about Emolga's soft spot for Pichu] we all went to turn in for the night. I make myself comfortable and close my eyes. It doesn't take long for everyone else to fall asleep. Except for one certain little mouse pokemon, who had gotten my attention by lightly tapping me. I open one eye and look in his direction.

"Yes, Pichu?" I say with a smile. He looks down at the ground timidly.

"U-Um...Sorry to bug you, Ms. Snivy, but...can I sleep with you tonight? I...I don't wanna be alone..."

"Of course you can." I nod and straighten out my body to make room. He smiles softly and lies down next to me. I wrap my tail around him. ...Hey, who says I can't be caring? I can't help but let a smile come across my face as he snuggles up closer. Then, he said it.

"I love you, mommy..." I gasp, and my head shoots straight up. I look over at Pichu. He's now sitting up, his eyes wide and his hands over his mouth. He looks over at me fearfully. "I-I'm sorry, Ms. Snivy! I-I didn't mean it! Please don't be an-" I silence him by placing a finger over his mouth and repeatedly shushing him. I look down at him with a smile. I feel tears of joy forming in the corners of my eyes.

"I love you too, son." I say sincerely. His eyes widen for a brief moment, then start glistening with fresh tears...this time, though, I can tell they're tears of joy. I let a smile grace my features as he throws himself into the crook of my neck and buries his face into it. I wrap my arms around him and hold him close. I never thought I'd become a mother. But now that it's happened... I've never felt happier.

Well, wasn't that nice? For my first time writing a serious scene, I have to say, I think I did a pretty good job. But hey, maybe you guys will tell me otherwise...
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The Gazing Eye
They say that in tales of old, in a land now lost ever from the world, neither in the seas, nor in the valleys, nor in the skies, there was a reason for children to go on long journeys with Pokemon. Where the sky there was a brilliant sapphire as its many minarets climb up and tower of the city. Where the grass was like a sea of emerald engulfing all it touches, and all the flowers sparkle in dew in the morning as fine diamonds on a vast ore. Where the palaces and castles are carved from an august stone of violet, now lost in the realm of the deeper world, and it shined far and all those who pass by the city for many miles know of it and made their maps according to where it stood surpassing the Northern Star. And there, when the sun comes and goes from the horizon, it was like a realm of fantasy bathed in a warm glow, this marvelous sunset-city, and many creatures like dragon and fairy, that are now forgotten lived side by side.

All those things are lost by the pangs of times touch, but the tradition leaves on. What was reason for children to be given Pokemon? No one can tell, but the world flourishes at the sight between the brotherhood of Men and Pokemon, whither when they were children they would play, get hurt, and heal together. And many uncounted years have passed and that tradition remains. And though many hearts of Men may falter, the sky remain blue, the seas remain green, the mountains purple, and ever does the sun remain golden as it rises and falls upon the untouchable horizon, for the world is delighted. Who can say, but perhaps that old city still remains in the heart of the world so long as it so.


Master Of The Clouds
Lemme give it a try.


The Elderly Professor took each of the students' Pokeballs and threw them into the air, releasing all of their hard work into the field. He gave them back to them, hoping they'll obtain their caught Pokemon again.

"This is your final test!" announced the professor. "Return your Pokemon to me for your grade!" With this piece of information, they were off.

Edward, one of the students, was in his late teens. He had short, black hair, covered with a red hat, green eyes, and an overall thin face. he was unusually strong despite his weak look, typically shown with his dark blue jacket and jeans. He always enjoyed the idea of collecting Pokemon since he a small child, and when he finishes the test, his dream will finally begin. For his assignment, He caught a very unusual colored Tangela.

After a bit a walking, he encountered his colleagues attempting to catch their Pokemon. Jack was climbing a tree to grasp his pidgey, Alyssa was using a stick to capture her froakie in the lake, and Quinn was searching the bushes for his mareep. He stopped to examine their methods. Suddenly, as Alyssa was about to poke her froakie into the water, a green cluster of vines came up from behind and pushed them both in, causing the froakie to flee.

Edward easily recognized those vines. His Pokemon had the same color. As the vines emerged out of the lake, eyes and feet poked out of it. It was the Tangela that Edward was looking for.


hello, im back sorta
I'll try. Wynaut.


Bisharp and the trainer were perfectly in sync. The murderous pair slashed through the army, spilling blood on the dark-brown ground of Hoenn.

And then they reached me. I shouted a command, but I couldn't hear myself over my own thoughts racing through my head. Arcanine rammed Bisharp covered in fire, and Bisharp looked very badly hurt. He was being pushed beyond his own limits. I suddenly decided that this wouldn't be my end.

I left my daze. "Overheat!" I shouted. Arcanine bounded at Bisharp, but stopped short and loosed a burning hot flame, that collided into Bisharp. The trainer was coming at me now. This wasn't a Pokemon battle, it was a war.

Arcanine tackled her in fire, this time, but she dodged it gracefully, and threw her blade at me.

I felt weak, and but tried to remain conscious. Arcanine looked at me, as if the blade had hit himself. Saddened, and hurt. I told him to keep attacking, and when Bisharp charged, Arcanine was no match.

This was what really hurt. I fell to the ground, knees first, and the trainer withdrew the blade from my stomach.

"Evil people like you, Team Rocket, do not belong on this planet."

The last words I'd hear. She made another slash with her blood-drenched sword.


I was going to use this in a fiction but I changed it a lot to the point where it was a really minor death, so here was the original idea. And yeah, plot twist, the narrator was an evil dude from Team Rocket. The trainer was the hero.
Okay this has been stuck in my head for a while, and it's supposed to be for the sequel of my current fanfic (Which only has two chapters so far oops) But it kind of came to me in a dream a while ago and I've needing to write it down, since I won't be able to get written in any actual story soon... Heh. I'm avoiding saying any of their names right now though.


Oh how amusing~ Cornering both of you amuses me greatly, then again you are both practically children. The hybrid stared at the Pokemon in front of him, a Lombre and Beheeyem, both shaking in fear at the Hybrid in front of them, grinning with his zippered mouth. He was amused just looking at them, the Lombre nuzzled into the Beheeyem's side in fear, while the Beheeyem itself stared angrily at the hybrid, though his shaking showed his true emotion. The fear they emanated was strong, and it just excited him more, what fun it will be to finally torment them!

My 'master' ordered against me harming any Pokemon at the facility, but he seemed to forget say anything about the ones outside of it, His telepathic voice made the Beheeyem flinch and shiver again, though this only urged the hybrid to keep speaking, mental torment was fun as well after all. He began laughing, You appear to be in a bit of pain young one. Does my voice bother you?

While in his fit of laughter, the Beheeyem pushed the Lombre off of him in annoyance at the hybrid, as he lunged towards him, preparing a Zen Headbutt attack. The Hybrid, still laughing quickly dodged the attack while also sinking his claws into the Beheeyem's back, raking them against his back and causing him to yell in pain. After the attack the hybrid looked to where the Beheeyem stopped, it was shaking again, blood running down its back from the gashes the hybrid left. It shook it off quickly though, this time launching an attack from a distance, though the hybrid easily avoided the attack and came charging for the Beheeyem, kicking him in the stomach and sending him flying into one of the nearby trees.

The Lombre, still backed against the tree, whimpering as she heard the Beheeyem yelp in pain as he hit the tree. She wanted to go up and help her friend, but was too scared to move, afraid of the hybrid who was now approaching the Beheeyem. The Hybrid kicked the Beheeyem again, this time into the grass, then pinned him down onto his back. The Beheeyem yelped again, as the grass and dirt on the ground got into the gashes on his back, getting worse as the hybrid put more pressure on the foot that was on him.

And then you pushed your luck. I for one, am not very fond of Pokemon abruptly attacking me. Why do you not ask first? Maybe then I would have given you a chance to actually damage me.

"You attacked us first." The Beheeyem growled in response, trying to escape again, but the hybrid just put more pressure onto his chest. The Beheeyem gasped, both in pain and in the air leaving his body.

Nonsense. I never laid a claw on you, therefore you are uninjured, and had never been attacked. Now then, since you are obviously asking to be attacked, let us play a game? I'd like to call this game, 'What's the difference in pressure it will take to crush your ribs then it would to crush one such as a Rattata's?

With that, he began to slowly add more pressure to the other Pokemon's chest. The Pokemon struggled more and more as the Hybrid put more and more pressure onto his chest, finally yelling in pain as an unnatural cracking noise was heard. This only urged the Hybrid further, putting even more pressure onto the know panicking Pokemon. He wouldn't get too much farther though, as an attack soared by his head. He turned towards the direction the attack came from, finally taking his foot off of the Beheeyem.

Growling, he flicked his tail in annoyance at what he saw. I was hoping I had finally gotten rid of you.


Friendly POKéMON.
In Negrek's Salvage, at what appears to be amounting to a plug, I read the following line of dialogue about two hypothetical salamence:

"I don't care if they're having a mother****ing church revival up there.
Immediately I thought: I need to write this. [DISCLAIMER: I have lots of respect for many Southern Catholics, and want to stress that salamence do not really follow Christianity, and the resemblances are just silly crackfic affectionate parody.]

The pastor stomped onto the stone platform with a humble wave of his wings. Cheers and exclamations could be heard from much of the crowd despite this being the first meeting. The stage had satin frills hanging from the front of it, frazzled but still brightly colored. There wasn't much of the subterranean church architecture, but there was a large tinny gramophone, and it was just at the beginnings of a piece that the audience presently joined:

"The stalactites of Trial Cave

Shine holy and shine blue.

What tribulations there were felt

Are known only by You.

But the succor that came from [...] "

The ice had already been broken for some of the devouter members, who were laughing and stomping along. Some salamence stood stonily at the back of the audience. They watched as the pastor swung his head from side to side, singing with especial vigor.

As the song ended the pastor took off the needle and went back to the middle of the stage, still swinging his head a little. "Friends. No, I reckon I ought to be less of a stranger than that. Brothers an' sisters. I want to thank you very much for coming to this revival. 'Tain't easy to take an afternoon off to spend some time with the Light. Y'all got jobs. Y'all have children at home. The golbat are attackin' again. But I want to tell you one thing, right before everthin starts. Your children need the light. Your jobs need the light. Without the light," he chuckled, "the golbat wouldn't know their eyeball end from their wings. Everthin runs on one simple diesel fuel. Do you know what that is? I'll tell you a li'l about it in the time we have today."

Suddenly, one more dark figure appeared from the back end of the stage. Everyone stood up a little tighter. This salamence was not radically different from the others, especially to humans, but there was something about his eyes. His head was very lank and hollow, like it had been made of granite. Out of it, his eyes looked with such power as though you looked into a stone statue's face and found living eyes set into it. He looked like a salamence who had walked in the desert for forty years.

The pastor also seemed to straighten in sympathy. "It's my own pleasure to announce someone you might have heard of, someone with a special relationship with the lord. Brothers and Sisters, this is Reverend St. Martin of Fallarbor." Cheers, 'praise the lawd's. "The lord works through him in pahrful ways. Before we're done, we'll have a chance to see a li'l of it."

His face sobered and gained a powerful, sad gravity. "Brothers and sisters. All of us here are goan in darkness. Ain't that the truth! We can set ourn, bonfires, we can light crystal lamps, we can take picnics outta the cave, but it don' mean a thing. We caiyan see! We don' know what'll happen to us. We don' know where we came from. We don' know where we're goan. Who heah," he raised his voice to a rumble, "who heah among us may know the howar of, his death! Who? No one, that's what! Who knows," the audience murmuring and nodding quietly, "where they'll be the next month. The next year. Who knows who made this cave. Do the, scien'ists know?" He lowered it significantly. "They only tell you how it was made. Not who made it."

The silence that followed was brief and absolute.

"Brothers and sisters, we are all ov us guests in an, an enormous mansion. We did not make ourselves. We did not earn these fruits, these cave berries that are so sweet and chewy. We did not earn, the lichen we cook innou our bread. We did not make the silver cave nodes that transmit our thoughts instantaneously." The audience was loud already. "Say the truth!" they said. "Hear, brother." "Who was it who did? Brothers and sisters I say to you, it warn no meteor, it warn no plannin committee, it warn no king or bureaucrat... it was a SALAMENCE!"

"One salamence stopped the titanium moon as it hurtled to the earth of our virgin planet. One salamence struck a deal with the Lord of Darkness and the Lady of Dreams. Because of that salamence we sit here today, and our hearts warm, and the breeze is cool, and we have fires and bread. Because of that salamence," now it rose to a full-blooded roar, "we got a chance against the darkness! It was dark but we can see! It's cold outside but there's a fire for us! It's called the blue fiah of the Mediator and the Lawd! Say it with me! The Light is in MAH heart!"

"The Light is in mah heart!" The expressions of one of the skeptics had softened. One was now a full-blown scowl.

"Once more!" He grinned fiercely at them. "And now, brothers and sisters, let me show you what the Light can do! Who heah among you is sick? Who has a bland eye, a crooked wing? I know there are the faithful."

A little shelgon scampered up on the stage, nudged right behind her by a harried-looking mother. The shelgon only had one yellow eye in her dark shell.

The mother said, "She's bland in one eye."

"Oh heavens!" the pastor said. "In one so young! Sister, I want to tell you, and your dear sweet child, that in her body she is bland, but in her soul she can see! Her body may have lost an eye, but her soul is whole. She can bring her deth-perceptin back, cause she never lost it in the first place! But first, she has to ba-lieve. Li'l sister," he bent down, "do you think you can do at? Can you balieve for me?"

The teenager nodded, and then said in a small voice, "Ah balieve."

"Brothers and sisters out there, do you ba lieve?"

"I believe!"

"Then come here, Reverend Martin, and lay your wing on this girl! Lay it so that the blue fiah may come down through you and into this girl! Lay it so she can see again! Brothers and sisters, the name of our Mediator! Dragonfire! Dragonfire!" Everyone joined in the chant. The reverend saint came closer to the two, seeming to stumble a little. He raised his red wings high above the shelgon, and then sank on his knees, taking her under their cover.

A powerful rustle went through both the reverend's wings and the white shape huddled under them. Suddenly he lifted. The shelgon turned to the audience, with her one open eye and one dark.

"Sister!" said the pastor. "Open your eye for me! Open your blanded eye!"

Slowly, the crease of it cracked open. One bright, yellow, lustrous eye looked out beside its twin, and suddenly squinched as the owner squealed in disbelief.

A rumbling cheer went out among the salamence. There were a few faintings. Someone scurried up and turned the record over to its B-side, much catchier and more bluesy:

"Oh I got just one driver

He tells me every [...] "

The last skeptic had walked out, but she'd be there for the next meeting.


Dancing Mad
a thing. not pokemon related. strict length limit. reference. pinter.

A lounge. A man sits hunched on the edge of a sofa, a small sheet of paper clenched in hand. A woman reclines luxuriously on the opposite end. Her left arm outstretches towards the man as she examines a small fruit which she holds in her right.


WOMAN: This genus is not at all pleasing to the eye. Unsurprising, when one does not discern. Discernment, they say, is one step from civility to hot-headedness.


MAN: Do you have the time?

WOMAN: I do not have time for inconsequentialities. (She drops the fruit to the floor. MAN watches as it rolls away). I ordered for Lisianthus blossoms to garnish the table. One is accustomed to seeing them used to connote sobriety, but the circumstances demand a graceful setting.

MAN: Your wallpaper needs re-pasting.

WOMAN: The wallpapers of the mind, my dear, need not be re-pasted until the curator demands it so.

MAN: They may be expecting Chrysanthemums.

WOMAN: They will be expecting to see what they see; and what they will see shall from the expectations of life’s unknown. The unknown may be likened to the stars, or the Pond smelt at the height of winter. Neither may stray from the philosophy of the language of their kind, but both will exist on the basis of existence; that is, that existence is only the cusp of what universes collide in the physical form. A dichotomy of essence divided, but insubstantially a being which knows no knowing, nor exists on spring’s existence. (WOMAN gestures dramatically). A conundrum! An ethical, moral, existential and ethical impossibility never to be understood by mere human comprehension…


(demanding) The idea does not excite you so?

MAN: You appear to have much to learn.

WOMAN: Then teach!

(MAN shifts restlessly in his seat)

MAN: I fear for your well-being.

WOMAN: You are very observant – too observant, I fear. Did you read the news this morning - the morning news which announced the return of the pelicans to the lake of the valley down north? They say, it may very well be the last migratory flight of the birds due tothe dust in the air currents. The dust – from the fields where my Lisianthus grows. Oh, the torment bred -

MAN: (interrupting) The wallpaper needs re-pasting still.

WOMAN: Perhaps you may find it in yourself to fetch some paste, then.

MAN: I would much rather you just take the letter and let me go. I don’t know why the postman continues to give me your letters but if you let me go now then I can phone them and enquire to stop this from happening again. This is bordering on absurd.

WOMAN: Very well. I will let you go. Phone them, and let them have it for their relenting incompetence.

(MAN gives WOMAN the letter and hurriedly exits)

You will drop by later for dinner, won’t you?

(Sound of a door slamming. WOMAN discards the letter in a nearby bin and produces from a cupboard an identical, self-addressed stamped envelope. She places it on the seat where MAN previously sat and resumes her relaxed position, poised and waiting for the next morning).
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A scene from the latest chapter of Carry On, Blissey.

Dr. Proctor came in out of nowhere without even the decency to knock. He was the area manager of the pokemon centres in Sinnoh. He's such a sleaze though: he's after any female human he can get. He had the potential to be an amazing doctor... if only he could get his head out of the gutter.

"I believe a congratulations in order," Dr. Proctor announced. He was holding a document in his hand.

"What?" I gasped. I don't know what this hospital has done to receive a congratulations.

Dr. Proctor had a huge smile on his face. "Despite recent events, we have been rated exceptional by the inspectors."

"But we haven't had one recently," I said.

"If you don't believe me have a look of the report. By the way Matron, I will be holding interviews for Nurse Joys next Monday. I was wondering if you could help me with the interview progress?"

"I guess so," I said. "How long will it be and how many are you interviewing?"

"So far two have confirmed that they're coming, but it could be as many as ten coming."

"I hope you're keeping it clean."

"We've got a good mixture, and I'm sure Zelda and Spiritomb will make a great team." I wanted to shake my head, but he was in charge. He seems to know exactly what he's doing/ Leaving Zelda and Spiritomb together without me seemed to be a recipe for disaster. Oh dear... whatever will happen next? Zelda needs more training and more time to get used to the hospital and its ways. "Anyway I've booked transport for all three of you to go to Kalos."

"Why do we have to go to Kalos for?" I asked.

"It's a special training day held by Professor Sycomore in his own laboratory in Lumoise City," Dr. Proctor announced. "All three of you will be going through the pokemon transporter and pokemon bank server."

"The what?" Spiritomb asked. "Say that again?"

"When you three have finished your shift tonight, return to your balls so I can send you over. Professor Sycamore will pick up outside his lab. There will be a lot of moving about, but it will be worth it. You will learn lots of knowledge."

Spiritomb shrugged. "I don't get it."

"You'll get used to it," Zelda told him.
The Phoenix Moon rose over Ekruteak Town. Shopkeepers hung charms from their signs and doorframes with trembling fingers, jumping at the slightest sound. Nurses and physicians at the Pokémon Centers muttered prayers to their families’ patron Pokémon as they tended to their charges. Husbands and wives waited in the muted glow of ward-painted paper lanterns for their spouses. Trainers clad in flowing lavender robes poured from the Ekruteak Town Gym to posts around the town’s borders. Kimono girls glided toward the Burned Tower, dancing and singing softly to the spirits. Tendrils of thick fog crept from the ruins of the Burned Tower, snaking around the kimono girls, wards and charms to blanket Ekruteak Town.

Sark the Salamander watched with baited breath as the strange fog slithered toward the channelers and mediums. Red eyes, ectoplasmic auras, and disembodied purple claws flashed into existence around the lavender-robed trainers. Scarlet light, lashes of ectoplasm and slashes of those claws caused the fog to draw back from the ghost Pokémon’s trainers. So we’re safe for the moment, Sark thought. It’s a shame there’s not more of these trainers around the Burned Tower. He glanced back to the copse where his bandits were camped. Perhaps some of you will make it past the ghost trainers. A faint scent of sulfur, ozone, and the sea drew Sark’s attention back to the fog-shrouded town. The beasts are prowling. All the texts in the Cinnabar Mansion’s library agreed that those odors heralded their presence. Sark considered what he’d learned of the legendary beasts as he shimmied down the tree trunk. Fast, deadly, and eternally pissed off; not that I can blame them for that last bit, he thought as he crept back to the camp. If I’d been lured with the promise of food, shelter, and promptly immolated…stop it. Sark rolled his eyes at that superstitious nonsense.

The Teller

King of Half-Truths
My character is in the hospital...
I wasn't feeling sleepy, so instead I turned on the TV and switched through the stations.

"...Kyle, a 57-year old woman who lives alone in a four room house, who owns 31 Purrloins..."

"...plucking, rub in a quarter cup of Shoal Salt..."

"...at Route 10, where the annual Running of the Bouffalants takes place..."

"...escaped, setting off six Electrodes, killing three and injuring twenty..."

"...Thank you, Ty. I'm here at Eterna Forest, where an Eterna City citizen, who has requested to remain anonymous, found three teenagers lying unconscious right behind where I'm standing. The citizen checked for pulses and, upon finding all three teens alive, called 9-1-1. The ambulances arrived shortly thereafter. All three teenagers had Pokémon on them. Doctors say that the most likely cause of their conditions was a Pokémon battle that got too out of hand. The teens were rushed to Eterna Mercy Hospital. Sources say that they'll make a full recovery. This is Gabby Kisha, reporting live for Channel 721 News."

We did NOT have a Pokémon battle get out of hand! We were nearly KILLED by a haunted house! Also, teenagers? All three of us are over the age of 18!

I switched stations again and settled with a rerun of Darumaka & Greg.

BTW, you're officially old if you get the joke of the last program. Sorry.

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"I never wanted to be queen! Innocent blood spills all over my kingdom! I can't take it anymore!" crying on the ground just below her roost tree, Queen Togekiss keeps on shedding her defeated tears lamenting as to how her incompetence on ruling the nation if Acreim couldn't stop the civil war happening within her own land.

"Huuuu-ooohh-oohwooo-ooaahhh-oouuuwooouuuu..." that one hum from the melody of Vivillon tries what it could to heal her broken heart. Not only did she lost her foster sister Lucario to the clutches of Metagross. She hesitantly gave her right hand commander Aegislash the authority to use military force to capture Metagross in hopes of staving off a civil war.

Now cornered on the Fort of Palea, Salmence looks at Queen Togekiss telling her the scenario of the uprising just before laying himself a nap like he usually does.

If only Typhlosion of the Regil mercenaries would come to her aid.

A quick inspiration from a Fire Emblem Game. I wonder where this inspirational scene came from?
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A scene for Carry On, Blissey which I am currently working on.
"Mrs. Swanna?" I was convinced that Dr. Proctor did not invite the snoopy bird round.

"We were expecting Spiritomb to be with us."

"You see," Mrs. Swanna lowered her beak with regret. "Spiritomb didn't make it through the security check. I don't know the details, all I know is that they found Spiritomb to be problematic."

"Transfering through pokemon bank can be a long progress," Zelda explained. "However, there are barriers. If pokemon have illegal cells, they can't come to Kalos. We have a zero tolerance on illegal drugs and inappropriate names. Spiritomb is hacked. He will never be allowed here."

"Spiritomb is hacked?" Mrs. Swanna opened her beak and was petrified.

That was why he knew so much about the hacked syndrome, it was because he had it himself. It's possible that he could have also inherited it from his parents. I hate to admit it, but it all makes sense. That was why he knew so much about the disease. It was the reason why he hadn't been so well this year and the reason why he had been neglecting Minerva. I don't think he really meant to forget her. He was just a working class pokemon who worked to support his trainer and family.

A girl casually skated past us until she entered the laboratory. She looked like a girl who was on her way to become a trainer. That wasn't the scary part, it was the fact that the girl looked so much like my original trainer. Long blonde hair and a pink hat just how she use to wear it. She even had my trainer's eyes. I heard Augustine say that her name was Serena. Could this Serena be her daughter?

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Haha this is too good to pass up! Here I go with a mini-one-shot!

Sunset was my favorite time of day because I knew she would be there. I had been waiting here all day, with nobody but my own thoughts at my side. Then again, she was the only other psychic in our town. Not only that, she was also my best friend. She was the only one who didn't poke fun at me for being a male Kirlia. Today, I had made my decision.

I was going to do it. I'd confess what I'd known all my life; that I loved her.

Ever since I was a Ralts, and she a Misdreavus, we've been inseparable. Oh, the mischief and nonsense we got up to in our un-evolved days...ha, it brings a smile to my face every time. Sure, she was about six levels my elder, but I didn't care one bit. She was everything to me. Today, I was going to let her know just what she meant to me.

Mismagius...where are you...?

“So, you're here again, Kirlia.”

My heart jumped at her voice. Spinning around, I turned to face her violet, ethereal form. It was Mismagius herself, and she was smiling at me warmly. She was wearing the necklace I made her for her birthday last week. It was a simple bauble with a polished Fire Stone as its centerpiece. I thought a Fire Stone would accent those jewels around her neck, and by Arceus, I was right. It made her gems sparkle faintly, even in the evening sun. Arceus, what a babe.

“Say something, already!”

“Yeep!” I blinked and shook my head.

Great going, Krilia. Make her mad, that'll help for sure.

“I'm an idiot...”

Oh crap! Did I just say that out loud? Pull it together, Kirlia...

“What in Arceus' name are you going on about?” She tilted her head at me, looking my way with a faint expression of concern.

“Haha, it's nothing,” I chuckled, scratching my head sheepishly, “Just watching the sunset.”

“You don't have to lie around me.” Mismagius drifted to my side, nestling herself up next to me, “You were lonely. That's why you were here, right?”

“Yeah. I like watching sunsets with you. It's my favorite time of day.”

Arceus, she's reading me like a book! Does she already know then...?

“M-Mismagius?” I swallowed hard, steeling my nerve. It was now or never. “I...I...”

“What's the matter, Kirlia? I can feel you shaking. Need me to sing for you?”

I took a deep breath. This was it. “I-I-I-l-l-love-y-you...”

Crap! Not again with the stuttering...!

Mismagius froze up, meeting my eyes with those haunting, gold orbs of hers. “What was that?”

“I love you! I love you!!” I blurted. Arceus, that felt so good to say out loud.

“Kirlia...” Mismagius closed her eyes, a smile slowly forming on her face.

Sweet Arceus, she's blushing! I knew I shouldn't have said that...

“Oh Kirlia...” She turned back to me. Now I could see her eyes welling up. Was she upset with me?! My heart sunk and I stared at the ground.

“I love you too.”

My head shot up. I'm sure even Snorlax heard my squeal of joy as I leaped up and embraced my idol. Now, we could finally be together, as Arceus meant it to be.
The Helodermis Plain spans the southwestern states of Salamphider, an expanse of mesas, calcified forests and tangled seas of jagged thorn that stretches into the Neuergus Mountains. The varying terrains are united by a chorus of the dead: ghosts flee their corpses, guided by a dedication to a single emotion: anger, wonder, valor, glory, filth, genesis or brawn. The peoples emerge in a candlelit-procession for the Liege Temples. The Temples, built to fit the tribes’ customs, are united by their collective stink of piss, ****, and decaying flesh. These odors emanate from waste piles around the men and women given to the Lieges for Their pleasure. The chained pleasure-slaves cast hollow-eyed stares at the hale and healthy plainsfolk as they enter the heart of the Temples. Within the heart of the Temples an illusion of the Lieges’ old lives dominates the cavernous chamber. Sights and sounds from the period called the Elemental Enfilade overwhelm the caravans bearing the plainsfolk’s dead.

Amid the roar of spellslinging, thundering elementals, and exploding powder weapons the Lieges laugh and sing in exaltation to the Spirit Avatars that freed them from humanity with Liegehood. The plainsfolk approach hesitantly, despite the long running nature of their funeral ritual. Mouthing prayers to the Spirit Avatars they lay their dead in piles before graven images of those miraculous beings that emerged to guide them when the Dracheghul thought to fire the world with hedonism. The plainsfolk’s respective Lieges gallantly defend Their supplicants from echoes of the past even as They succumb to nostalgia’s rot. The plainsfolk, despite the racket of the warring and ****ing Lieges, spend the night in the main hall of the Temples. When night falls upon the Helodermis Plains, the Gilakin arise from their tunnels to hunt.

Some of the braver plainsfolk emerge from the Temples to hunt the Gilakin. Their eyes pick out the pebbly black scales left behind by Gilakin stalking their preferred prey, the griffin. Their nostrils catch the acrid scent of Gilakin venom, following it to picked-over griffin carcasses. Some wait behind boulders or crouch just beyond the protective barrier of twisted briar thickets. Their courage is rewarded by the sight of a lumbering reptile. Black-scaled with splotches of vivid orange, with blunt snouts atop bulbous venom sacs, the Gilakin walk with a slouch on thickly-muscled hind legs. Long forelimbs tipped in curved claws drag across the plains, completing the illusion of a simple-minded reptile


Hopes and Dreams
Going to post a yet-unreleased scene from Monsters Among Us, because I'm stuck partway through the third chapter trying to write it and need something to shock some creativity into my brain.

Then suddenly, the music stopped the lights went out.

Darius gasped in alarm as his eyes frantically scanned the pitch darkness around him, only able to tell where he was from the faint moonlight through the high-set, reinforced glass windows above and the dim, flickering flames burning on the bodies of a few Fire-type Pokemon kids hopping frantically about the gymnasium. He thrust an arm out, making sure Adelaine and Giselle were next to him...and the resulting slimy squish and a yelp of pain definitely confirmed to the Karrablast that at least one of them was still around.

"Yanno, I may not be able to see out of these eyes anymore, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt if you poke them, Two Bits!" The Sliggoo cried angrily as Darius withdrew his arm, a brush by his backside confirming Giselle hadn't flown away in a panic.

"Sorry, Adelaine," he replied earnestly. "Just wanted to make sure you didn't go slithering off like a blind idiot. Because as of right now, we're all a little bit confused without the lights."

"Welcome to my world."

"What do you think is going on?" Giselle spoke meekly from behind Darius as school police officers and their sponsored Pokemon began running about with flashlights, reassuring students to stay calm as a teacher nearby said something about messing with the fusebox. "Is zhere a storm nearby or something?"

"I think it might be the Radio Tower," the Karrablast replied, nodding once and raising his hand in confirmation when a police officer's torch beam crossed over him, letting the human know that he was alright and so were the two females next to him. "That thing uses so much power that sometimes it surges and hogs all the electricity from the grid. They've tried to have multiple Electric-types on the maintenance staff because of it, but...unless they stop broadcasting, it's too much for them all to handle without getting sick." He sighed nervously, fidgeting a bit with his clamp as some smart-ass kid suddenly screamed, though the tone of the scream definitely indicated that he was just trying to be a troublemaker. "You're about five minutes too late, moron!" he called out into the shadows, getting a few snickers in response.

"Take a flying leap!" one of the screamer's friends responded in the middle of more laughing...but all of a sudden, all of the murmured chatter and laughing died off as a glowing, ominous red light began to illuminate the stage where Headmaster Lovecraft and his sponsor had just stood moments ago with the rest of Goldenrod City's important figures, including Darius and Adelaine's fathers Hopper and Cyril, counting down the seconds to the new year. It didn't take long for the full panic of realizing that none of those people, human or Pokemon, were standing there now. "Oh Arceus..." Darius whispered.

The speakers above them suddenly sparked to life, and as the stage came under the full illumination of that mysterious red glow, Darius could hear words through the static...an eerie mantra, that seemed to repeat itself over and over again.

"For a more beautiful world...separate the germ from the chaff..."

By now Darius heard Giselle land next to him, the suddenly overbearingly sweet scent next to him letting him know that the Spritzee had landed and had gotten as close to him as she possibly could. She was shaking and mumbling something that sounded like a prayer in Kalosian, but Darius was too transfixed with the goings-on on the stage to comfort her.

"Eliminate the parasites from the population..."

Hooded figures had now entered onto the stage, each of them leading with them a bound and hooded Pokemon hostage. Most of the hooded figures were human in shape but Darius could tell some of them were Pokemon...one had muscles that bulged out far too much for a human skeleton to support it, another one sported a pair of white claws from beneath it's sleeves. Another was short and stocky, and the way his hood draped around his face Darius could see that his ears were long and stuck up in the air...wait. He'd seen that body type before.

"And then weed out the strong..."

Upon seeing the figures the police were now going nuts, rushing to the front of the stage with guns and Apricorn balls drawn, ordering the figures to release their prisoners and exit peacefully. However, they continued as if the police weren't even there, methodically making each and every hostage kneel onto the ground as they uncovered their heads, one by one.

Headmaster Lovecraft.
Timon the Watchog, head of the Goldenrod Academy for Pokemon police department.
Boggan, the Mothim assistant to the mayor of Goldenrod.

And then finally, it was the final two that made Darius insectoid blood run cold...for onstage, the last of the five hostages were being unveiled...a Leavanny and a Dragonite, Darius and Adelaine's fathers. Hopper's expression was that of pure terror, while Cyril's face showed an almost eerie calm...even that of resignation, as if he knew what was going to happen. The short, stocky Pokemon captor had gotten him, and by the way the hooded figure moved about, Darius could tell he probably couldn't wait to begin whatever horrible treatment the five of them were about to receive...in front of nearly everyone in the city at a New Year's Eve party.

Darius wanted to run forward and save them all. None of them deserved this. They were just normal Pokemon doing their jobs. Darius didn't even know who these figures were and what they wanted...but before he had any time to ponder the situation, the static in the speakers stopped, and a single, clear command was given.

"Kill them."
Am I allowed to post more scenes here? Well, I'm gonna... Sooo, remember the abused Pichu thing I had? Well, I am going through with that... in my mostly comedy based story Pokémon Trainers, but still! But! I also created a spinoff story called A Mother's Love, and it takes place in a series of alternate universes where rather than Snivy, the Pichu, who I have nicknamed Lightning, is found by a Cinccino, an Emolga [Iris's Emolga from the anime, belonging to another person though], a Zorua, the Meloetta from the anime, a Vulpix, a Kirlia [later Gardevoir], a Glaceon, a Shaymin, a Delcatty and a Roserade. So...I figured I'd share a chapter from the story with you guys. The chapter is called I Want My Mommy, and it's basically how the different mother figures react under the same circumstances. [NOTE: This contains crossover elements.]

Rarity the Cinccino

Rarity blinked and sat up with a yawn. A sound had jarred her from her slumber...A soft, sad-sounding little whimper. She looked over to see Lightning curled up in a ball, trembling and stifling sobs. She blinked a couple times, then approached the little Pichu.

[Lightning?] Lightning looked up at her with big, sad eyes. [Dearie, what's the matter?] Lightning looked down at the ground sadly and sniffled, his ears drooping.

[I...I...I want my mommy...] Rarity raised a paw to her mouth and gasped softly.

[You poor dear...] She said, looking at Lightning sadly. [Perhaps we'll cross paths with her one day.] Lightning whimpered again at this.

[N-No...I'll never see mommy again...] He said softly. Rarity teared up a little seeing Lightning so sad. She got to her feet and approached the tiny Pichu. She unfurled the scarf of fur around her neck, and actually took it off. Gently, she wrapped her scarf around Lightning's tiny, frail body, scooped him up in her paws and held him close, rubbing his back gently.

[Shh...It's alright, dearie.] She whispered. [I'm sure you'll see your mother again someday.] Lightning rested his head against her soft, warm chest. Rarity smiled and kissed the top of his head. [It's going to be fine...] After a few moments, Lightning fell into a deep slumber. Rarity smiled and laid down on the grass, keeping Lightning held against her chest.

Emmy the Emolga

Emmy was having a nice, happy dream about a world made entirely out of apples...which she was eating. Just as she was about to take a swig from the apple juice lake, she was pulled from her slumber by a noise... A whimpering noise. She woke up with a groan.

[Damn it, it was just getting good...] She muttered.

[S-Sorry, Miss Emmy...] Lightning said sadly. Emmy looked over.

[So that whimpering...It was you?]

[Y-Yes...] Lightning admitted. Emmy blinked and tilted her head.

[What's wrong with you, little guy?] Lightning looked down and whimpered.

[I-I-I want my mommy...] He said softly. Emmy's eyes widened, and she looked back and forth awkwardly, not exactly sure what to say.

[Oh...Um...I...] Emmy struggled to come up with something to say...then she looked over at Lightning and saw a single tear go down his face, which he didn't even seem to notice. Emmy blinked, and her expression turned to one of pity. She sighed. [C'mere, kid.] Emmy approached the tiny Pichu and wrapped him up in her patagium, keeping him on the ground, his little head sticking out. He whimpered and buried his face into Emmy's fur. The Emolga frowned sadly, then gently stroked the top of the Pichu's head. [It's okay, little guy. Who knows...we might find your mom one of these days.]

[No...She's gone...] Emmy blinked, but decided not to ask. Gently, she scooped Lightning up, held him close, then lied on her back, with her patagium wrapped around the tiny mouse. Lightning snuggled closer into her chest, closed his eyes, and fell asleep. Emmy smiled lovingly as he did this. She looked around her...Everyone else seemed to be asleep. She turned back to Lightning and then quickly kissed the top of his head, making him smile in his sleep and snuggle up closer. Emmy smiled at Lightning with all the warmth and love of a mother.

"Awwww, that's so cuuuuuuute!" Iris gushed quietly, but loud enough for Emmy to hear. Emmy blushed and cringed upon realizing she had been seen.

"Heh...And the award for mother of the year goes tooooo..." Emmy's blush deepened at Josh's comment, and she turned to them with a glare and flipped them both off.

Trixie the Zorua

Trixie's ears shot up at the soft whimpers coming from the tiny Pichu nearby. She opened her eyes, yawned, and looked groggily over in Lightning's direction. [Lightning?] She asked in the gentlest tone she could muster. [What's the problem, buddy? Another nightmare?] Lightning shook his head. [No? Then...what's eatin' ya?] Lightning sniffled.

[I-I-I want my mommy...] He admitted softly. Trixie blinked.

[Aw, Lightning...] She said softly. She thought of a way to make Lightning feel better...then smirked as an idea came to mind. She leapt into the air and transformed. [Hey, Lightning.] Lightning looked over at Trixie, and saw a female Pikachu smiling over at him. [Here...I know I probably look nothing like your mom, but hey...I thought maybe it'd make ya feel better.] Lightning looked at her, wide-eyed. She was wrong. She looked EXACTLY like his mother. All female Pikachu looked similar either way...But Trixie's Pikachu transformation had the exact same warm, loving eyes his mother did... Slowly, Lightning began to walk forward. [Aw, c'mere, buddy.] Trixie approached Lightning and picked him up, hugging him close. Lightning snuggled up into the false Pikachu's chest.

[Mommy...] He breathed before falling asleep. Trixie smiled down at him lovingly.

[Heh...Guess my Pikachu looks more like his mom than I thought...] She said to herself. Though a part of her wished he was calling HER his mommy, not the Pikachu disguise... [Ugh...I CAN'T be his mom...I'd be terrible at it!] Even as she thought this, though, she gently licked Lightning's cheek, managing not to wake him. She smiled lovingly at the Pichu, then gently set him down, turned back into her Zorua form and laid down beside him, curling her body around him as best as she could. Lightning snuggled up into her side. Trixie closed her eyes and rested her head against the ground.

[Mommy...] Trixie's head shot up as she looked over at the sleeping Pichu. He probably had a dream about his mother again...But maybe...Just maybe...He was referring to the Zorua cuddled up with him...

Melody the Meloetta

Melody slept peacefully, a small smile on her face...until a tiny, soft little whimper got her attention, waking her up. She looked over at Lightning. He was curled up in a ball, trembling and whimpering, looking dangerously close to tears. The sight broke Melody's heart. Quietly, she approached the tiny Pichu. [Lightning? Sweetheart, did you have another bad dream?] Lightning looked up at her.

[S-Sorry I woke you, Miss Melody...] He apologized softly. Melody smiled reassuringly.

[It's okay, sweetie.] She said as she bent down and picked the tiny Pichu up. She gently cradled him in her arms. [Now why don't you tell me what's wrong?] Lightning looked down and whimpered again.

[I-I-I want my mommy...] He said softly, sounding as if he were ready to cry. Melody looked down at him, a sympathetic frown on her face.

[Oh, sweetheart...] She whispered. She sat against a tree, holding Lightning up against her chest. He clinged tightly to her, trembling from sadness. [Shh...It's okay, sweetie. It's okay...] Still Lightning trembles. She looked down at him with a smile. [I know...Would you like me to sing you a lullaby?]

[Y-Yes please, Miss Melody...] Lightning whispered with a nod of his tiny head.

[All right...Do you know any in particular that you'd like me to sing?] Lightning whispered in her ear. Melody smiled. [Oh yeah! I know that one. Okay, sweetie, make yourself comfy, okay?] Lightning snuggled closer into her chest. Melody smiled, stroked his back, cleared her throat and softly began to sing.

Baby mine, don't you cry

Baby mine, dry your eyes

Little one, when you play

Pay no heed what they say

Lightning didn't notice, but a few tears managed to escape upon hearing the lullaby his mother would sing for him every night...Melody did. Lightning was almost asleep at this point, so he didn't notice as Melody gently dried his tears and continued the song.

If they knew all about you

They'd end up loving you too

All those same people who scold you

What they'd give just for the right to hold you

From your head down to your toes

You're not much, goodness knows

But, you're so precious to me

Sweet as can be, baby of mine

Melody finished the song and smiled down lovingly at the sleeping Pichu, sucking on his paw. Melody gently kissed his forehead, taking care not to wake him. [Good night, my little angel.] She whispered before falling asleep herself.

Ember the Vulpix

Ember's eyes fluttered open at the sound of the whimper, and she yawned. She looked over to see Lightning curled up in a ball, trembling, looking ready to cry. She got to her feet and approached the tiny Pichu. Gently, she placed a paw on his trembling form. [Lightning?] Lightning looked up at her sadly. [What's the matter, sweetie?] Lightning looked down.

[S-Sorry I woke you up, Miss Ember...I just...]

[It's okay, Lightning. You can tell me.] Ember said as she nuzzled Lightning. Lightning sniffled.

[I want my mommy...] He whimpered. Ember looked down at him sadly.

[Shh...It's okay...] She whispered as she nuzzled him again. She looked down at Lightning with a smile. [I know...this seems like a perfect time to bring out the book of bedtime stories.] Lightning looked up at her. [Would you like that?]

[Y-Yes please...] He said softly. Ember smiled, then nuzzled him again.

[I'll be back, sweetie.] She turned to grab the book. It was a long few seconds...Lightning wanted Ember's company. She made him feel safe and secure. Like nothing could hurt him...He waited anxiously, and breathed a sigh of relief when she came back into view, the book in her mouth. She laid down next to him, used her tails to draw him closer to her body, kept her tails wrapped around him, then opened the book. [Okay, let's try this one... Love You Forever...]

And so...

[Well...that was a cute, albeit somewhat...stalkerish story...What did you think, Lightning?] The response was a whimper. [Lightning?] Ember looked down at the tiny Pichu, who had his face buried into her side. Ember looked at him sadly. [Lightning, what's wrong?] Lightning looked up at her. Her heart ached as she saw that there were a few tears in his eyes. Gently, she leaned down and licked Lightning's cheeks, lapping up the tears which Lightning hadn't noticed. Lightning's eyes widened at the display of affection, and Ember herself was slightly surprised by what she did. She shook it off and smiled at Lightning lovingly. [I'm sorry if that story upset you, sweetie.] She apologized as she nuzzled him. [Do you want to sleep with me tonight?]

[Yes please...] Lightning replied softly. Ember smiled.

[Okay. Make yourself comfortable.] Lightning lied down on his belly and snuggled closer into Ember's side, the Vulpix's tails curled around his small shaking form. Lightning let a small smile come across his face...then fell asleep. Ember smiled down at the sleeping Pichu. She laid her head down and joined him in Dreamland.

Fiona the Kirlia

Fiona shot up wide-eyed at the sound of whimpering. She looked over to see Lightning curled up in a trembling ball. She read his emotions and felt that he was sad. Very, VERY sad. Quickly, she got to her feet and began approaching the Pichu. [Lightning? Are you al-GAH!] She tripped over a rock she hadn't seen in the darkness. She got to her feet, quietly grumbled as she dusted herself off, then turned her attention back to Lightning. She continued walking towards him. [Lightning, what's the matter?] She asked.

[I'm sorry I woke you up, Miss Fiona...And I'm sorry I made you trip...]

[No, no. It's totally fine, sweetie.] Fiona assured gently with a smile as she knelt down to his level and placed a hand on his shoulder. Lightning looked up at her. [Now...please...tell me what's wrong.] Lightning looked back down and whimpered.

[I-I-I want my mommy...] He whimpered. Fiona gasped softly and put a hand over her chest.

[Oh, Lightning...] She breathed. Quickly, she bent over and scooped up the tiny mouse into her arms, cradling him. Lightning looked up at her sadly. Fiona smiled down at him, and began gently rocking him back and forth. The gentle motions of the Kirlia's arms soothed Lightning. He let out a tiny, adorable yawn. Fiona smiled again, and kissed his cheek. Lightning smiled and snuggled up closer. Fiona was internally gushing over how sweet and adorable Lightning was...She smiled as he fell asleep. She read his emotions. He felt safe. And warm. And happy. And...she felt a slight tinge of...love? Like the love one would have for a mother? Fiona was touched by this. While she doubted she'd be a good mother...Lightning was just so sweet. She walked towards a tree, leaned against it, and fell asleep, Lightning still snuggled up in her arms.

Frost the Glaceon

Frost's ears shot up at the sound of Lightning's whimpering, and she was immediately alert. She glanced over at the tiny Pichu. He was awake, curled into a trembling ball. Frost blinked, then decided to approach. Gently, she placed a paw on his tiny head. Lightning looked up. [Lightning...What's the matter?] Frost asked gently. Lightning sniffled.

[I-I-I want my mommy...] Frost was taken aback at this. She didn't know what to say...She didn't have the slightest clue where his mother was, and she wasn't sure she'd be able to console him in this state...Still, she couldn't just stand there with him looking like he was about to cry... So, she lay down in front of him, drew him towards her with a paw, and wrapped her forelegs around him, hugging him close to her body. Lightning hugged back, trying so hard to avoid breaking down.

[I know, Lightning.] Frost said as she nuzzled him. [And I wish I could get you to her...but I'm afraid I can't. I don't have the slightest clue where she is. But I'll tell you what I CAN do. I can protect you from harm. I'm sure your mother would have wanted that...for someone to be there for you when she can't.] Frost gently nuzzled Lightning. [Why don't you try to get some more sleep? I'll be right here with you all night.] Lightning smiled up at her, then nestled his head against her fur. Frost smiled down at him, unaware of just how tender and loving her facial expression was. What she did next was an impulse thing, and it shocked her to the core after she had done it. She licked Lightning's cheek. This action made Lightning's smile widen in his sleep, and he snuggled up closer. Frost lay there wide-eyed for a few more moments, but shook it off. She rested her head on the ground, keeping her forelegs wrapped around the tiny mouse.

Flutterdash the Shaymin

Land slowly opened her eyes upon hearing the whimpering. She looked over to see the trembling Pichu, looking ready to cry. She let out a tiny gasp and rushed to his side. [Lightning, what's wrong, sweetie?] Lightning looked up at her, two tears managing to escape.

[I-I-I want my mommy...] Land's mouth hung open in surprise for a moment. She teared up slightly...then she approached Lightning and nuzzled him. Lightning hugged her head for a couple seconds, then let go. Land gently licked his cheek. Lightning looked at her in surprise and blinked. She smiled back.

[It's okay, sweetie.] She nuzzled him again. [I'm sure you'll see her again someday.] Lightning whimpered.

[No...] He responded quietly. Land looked at him in concern.

[Hey...mind if I talk to him for a bit?]

[Oh...go ahead, Sky...]

Lightning looked up at the familiar flash of light, and Sky had taken over. She smiled down at him. [Hey there, champ.] She said in a soft, gentle voice that surprised him. [Why won't ya see your mom again?] Lightning looked down, a single tear falling. Sky frowned, and quickly took him into her forelegs, flying just a few inches above the ground, cradling Lightning gently in her forelegs. [Hey...it's all good if ya don't wanna talk about it.] She assured lovingly. She licked Lightning's cheek as another tear fell, stopping it in its tracks. Gently, Sky began rocking Lightning back and forth. The gentle rocking, Sky's soft warm fur as well as the comforting feeling of her slightly muscular chest...it made Lightning feel at ease. Slowly, he fell back asleep. Sky smiled down at him, landed, and placed him on her back. Then, she gave control back to Land. Land giggled at the feeling of the tiny Pichu sleeping soudly on her back, and curled up and fell asleep herself.

Sprinkles the Delcatty

Sprinkles' ears shot up at the sound of the whimpering. She looked over at the whimpering Lightning. [Eh, couldn't sleep anyway...] She quietly muttered to herself before standing and approaching Lightning. [Hey, kiddo. Why so glum, chum?] Lightning looked up at her, looked back down at the ground, and sniffled.

[I-I-I want my mommy...] Sprinkles' eyes widened upon hearing this. She looked down at Lightning sadly. Then she lied down beside him, and used her tail to gently push him up against her side, keeping her tail wrapped around his tiny body. Lightning continued sniffling, even letting out a stifled sob, so Sprinkles leaned down to gently nuzzle him.

[Shhh. Shhhh, shhh, shhh, shhh shh shh shh shh shh...] She shushed him in a soothing tone. [It's okay, kiddo. It's all gonna be fine.] Lightning hugged her head. Sprinkles continued nuzzling. As soon as he let go, Sprinkles leaned down and licked his cheek. Lightning blinked and raised a hand to the area she had licked. Sprinkles smiled down at him. [You're gonna be fine, little guy.] She assured, nuzzling him once more. Lightning snuggled closer into her side. [I gotcha.] Lightning smiled, and fell asleep, a smile on his face. Sprinkles smiled down at him. [Now maybe I can get some sleep...]

Masquerade the Roserade

Masquerade opened one of her eyes upon hearing a soft, tiny whimper. Quickly, she got to her feet and looked over to see Lightning curled up, trembling uncontrollably. She approached him, then knelt down next to him. [Lightning-san? You are whimpering again. Are you alright? Did you have a nightmare?] Lightning shook his head. [No? Then tell me...what troubles you, child?] Lightning sniffled.

[I-I-I want my mommy...] He whimpered. Masquerade's eyes widened at this.

[His mother...Where could she be?] She thought. Then she shook these thoughts off and looked down at Lightning sadly. [I am sorry, little one...] She told him gently before holding him close in a hug. Lightning snuggled into her chest, and sniffled again. Masquerade looked down at him. She felt a powerful feeling in her heart...and so she lowered the part of the mask that covered her mouth, revealing the lower half of her face for the first time since Josh bought the scarf for her. Gently, she leaned down and kissed the top of Lightning's head. Lightning looked up at her, wide-eyed. He then saw her smiling down at him. That smile, full of warmth and love, instantly made him forget all about his sadness. Then she spoke again. [I may not be your mother, nor would I ever be a suitable replacement...but I will make you a promise: I will always be there for you. I will ensure that you live a safe and happy life from this point on. I will protect you with my life. I promise.] Lightning teared up a little at this, and Masquerade ran her bouquets down his face, drying the tears right up. [Sleep, little one. I will stay with you throughout the night.] Lightning smiled and snuggled up closer into her chest. Masquerade smiled as he fell into slumber. Gently, she stroked his back a couple times, taking great care not to wake him. Then, she carried him back up to the tree she had been leaning against as she slept, sat down, leaned against its trunk, smiled at the sleeping Pichu in her arms once more, then fell asleep herself.

Yeah, it's long...I sure hope you guys enjoy it. I worked hard on it, lol. If you notice something I could fix or have any ideas of your own, feel free to let me know. I welcome constructive criticism.

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A response to the recent post: You know, this is why I also see Cinccino as a motherly pokemon too. she s one of my all time favorites.

Right now, I feel like giving a short post that will mix ancient aliens and some of the recent news worldwide (if you know what's happening in asia):

The moment Hoenn's clock hit 12 midnight, a strange portal appears opening a bizarre dimensional hole. In fact, a fisherman caught sight of an airplane jumping out of the hole. Waking the residents of slateport city, they conduct an emergency rescue team to see if anyone still survives the disaster for the plane somehow broke itself to pieces.

When they read a certain message though, it is too difficult for them to recognize the read. Thus, they report that there were no survivors of the mysterious dimensional airplane. In the next morning, the hoenn government warns all the rookie trainers to stay away from the location of the dimensional hole if they do not want to be killed the newly resident Jellicent.

All that they could do is pray for the peace of the unknown victims. Some believed that the Jellicents could be the reincarnation of the victims of the plane popping out of the dimensional hole. Others see that the hole connects itself to another world. But all of them can only imagine, and wonder on what happened to the unknown survivors besides being gone.