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anime poll

  1. X

    This is a crazy idea based on Pokeraf’s future speculation, but…

    I know this is not important to some and I know that Ash’s Greninja was retconned, but hear me out. One day on twitter, the Pokeraf posted a tease of an upcoming speculation video featuring his prediction of Ash-Greninja returning to the Pokémon series as well as Zygarde “Squishy” to fight...
  2. X

    Would it be awesome if all of Ash’s previous companions come to the masters 8 final?

    I had that thought for a long while after some events, from a speculation video by the pokeraf and artwork of them together by Legacy3211, to the episodes leading up to the masters 8 tournament and the recent tournament episodes. I think it would be an amazing moment where all of Ash’s...
  3. santiagus

    Team Rocket: Last Ride on the Sunset??

    As you have seen Pokemon Journeys have not been kind to Team Rocket, despite some good episodes... One of the reasons have been the infamous Gatcha machine The other the fact that they caught a Pokémon who does not even appear anymore Another one have been their boring and unoriginal...
  4. Rei-chan101

    Ash vs Paul or Ash vs Kukui?

    Both battles are regarded as some of the greatest of all time and have alot of other similarities but which one is superior?
  5. Genaller

    Who is Ash’s 9th Strongest Pokémon?

    Following up from who’s Ash’s 8th strongest Pokémon where Bulbasaur won convincingly: https://forums.serebii.net/threads/who-is-ash%E2%80%99s-8th-strongest-pok%C3%A9mon.662934/. My money is on Heracross. It outperforms both Gible and Torkoal against Tobias and outperforms Swellow against both...
  6. Genaller

    Kanto League vs Unova League; Which Was Worse?

    The 2 most infamous league conferences in the show’s history, but which 1 was worse? I myself am actually not sure here. See if I assessed them both in isolation then I’d award Kanto the crown of worst league though Kanto has the excuse that it was first whereas Unova came after the glorious...
  7. Genaller

    Worst Dream Crusher!

    Figured we should have 1 of these as well. I’m going with Ritchie because: 1. Actively tried to keep Ash’s chances alive by pleading with the ref to not disqualify him and wait longer while TRio were busy actually trying to crush Ash’s dreams. 2. Didn’t deliver the final blow in crushing Ash’s...
  8. Genaller

    Best Dream Crusher!

    Pretty simple; who was the best at crushing Ash’s dreams? I’m going with Tobias since he made Ash feel like he never even stood a chance; the epitome of a really good “crushing” if you ask me ;).
  9. Genaller

    XY Ash vs DP Ash Battling Skill!

    These 2 are regarded as Ash’s most skilled iterations, so who would be the most skilled? My answer would be XY Ash definitively. I honestly want to do a full break-down of every feat (positive and negative) both of them showed in their respective series. I’ve already done this for their 2 best...
  10. Genaller

    Johto League vs Kalos League!

    Both of these leagues convincingly beat the Hoenn League, so now it’s time to see how they measure up to each other! I’m genuinely torn here since Kalos achieves greater highs, but Johto was more consistent all-around.
  11. Genaller

    Hoenn League vs Kalos League!

    This seems like a fairly divisive topic. On the 1 hand Hoenn had a much greater quantity of battles and felt far less disconnected than Kalos (only skipped 1 of Ash’s matches) though Kalos easily had a weighted overall superior quality of battles (where a battle gets more weight the more time it...
  12. Genaller

    Alain vs Paul; Battle Of The Strongest!

    This was the most popular vs matchup during Kalos League season and its back with some twists! Like with the most recent iteration of Sawyer vs Tyson the poll options ask more than just who wins in a straight up match in order to keep things more interesting. Assume that Paul is using whatever...
  13. Genaller

    Will Ash Use Reserves In The Alola League? Poll Tally!

    Fairly straightforward question. Just to be clear “reserves” mean the Pokémon Ash has caught in precious regions whom Ash can still call on if needed. Note that the options “will” and “won’t” refer to whether you think it’s likely or not for Ash to use reserves this saga given the information we...
  14. Genaller

    Pokémon Anime Sub vs Dub!

    I’m really curious about what the general watching preferences are for people over here. For me I grew up on the 4Kids dub which despite butchering a lot of the original dialogue showed a lot of heart though after TPCi took over the dub quality drastically diminished making some scenes...
  15. Genaller

    Which Series Had The Best Overall Pacing?

    In many discussions over here you’ll often see “pacing” brought up when criticizing a given story arc, character arc or even series as a whole. With this in mind which series do you think had the closest to what you would consider “ideal pacing” in terms of both story progression and character...
  16. Genaller

    What Aspects Of The Pokémon Anime Do You Watch It For?

    This should be pretty straightforward (let me know if there’s any confusion). Note that I included Ash’s progression as a separate category since there are fans that do like Ash as a character in general but don’t particularly care about his long term growth as a trainer and person. Also note...
  17. Genaller

    How Strong Is Kukui’s Base Incineroar?

    Fairly straightforward question. By “Base” I mean when not factoring in Incineroar’s Z-move. Note that “Upper E4 Ace lvl” means on the lvl of Pokémon like Flint’s Infernape it Caitlin’s Gothitelle while “Lower E4 Ace lvl” means on the lvl of Pokémon like Lucian’s Bronzong or Wikstrom’s Scizor...
  18. Genaller

    Remainder Of Paul’s Best Team

    As all of you know Paul was Ash’s rival in Sinnoh and had around the same expereince as him as a trainer. When making a hypothetical “best team” for him it is nearly unanimously agreed on that Electivire, Torterra, Drapion and Ursaring would be on that team; however, the remaining 2 slots are...
  19. Genaller

    Ash’s Sceptile vs Paul’s Torterra; Poll Tally!

    Who would win a battle between these 2 powerhouse grass types? — Ash’s Sceptile - Solarbeam - Leaf Storm - Leaf Blade - Quick Attack — Paul’s Torterra - Stone Edge (directed) - Curnch - Giga Drain - Frenzy Plant By individual categories this is how I’d say they compare: Power: Torterra >=...
  20. Genaller

    What Battle Performance Best Makes An Ash Pokémon Seem Like The Strongest Ash Pokemon Ever Seen?

    In a way this question is the classic “which Ash Pokémon has the best feat” though since the word “feat” has so much ambiguity in the community, I figured it’d be best to phrase the question this way. Also note how I use the word “battle” which excludes stuff like Pikachu temporarily knocking...