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The Author's & Beta Reader Profile

Mizz Nikki

Operations Director
The Author's Profile - Version 5
Approved by JX Valentine

Welcome to the Author's Profiles. The old thread died months ago so I'm bringing it back.
Here, authors can post their profile about writing, favorite Genres, strengths and weaknesses, etc.
You can also link your profile into your signature, if you wish.​


- All SPPF rules apply, as do the Author's Cafe rules.
- If you plan to update your profile, simply edit your post. Don't create a new one.
- Follow the layout provided below to post your profile.


[B]Name:[/B] Self explanatory
[B]Age (Optional):[/B] Self explanatory
[B]Types of Writing (Optional):[/B]
[B]Strengths:[/B] What are your strong points in your writing?
[B]Weakness:[/B] What are your weaknesses in your writing?
[B]Types of Characters:[/B] What are your favorite character types to write about?
[B]Completed Stories:[/B] Do you have any stories that are currently finished?
[B]Current Stories:[/B] Do you have any stories you are in the progress of writing?
[B]Future Stories:[/B] Do you have any stories planned for the future?
[B]Writing Tips:[/B] Can you offer any tips to other authors?
The List
If you got your name changed, please let me know so I can update it.
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Mizz Nikki

Operations Director
Beta Readers

Beta readers are people who work with authors privately to help them develop their stories. Some beta readers are only proofreaders, people who read an author's work before it's published in order to point out any issues with grammar, spelling, plot consistency, word choice, and so forth. Others are more general consultants, who can be there to serve as sounding boards (or people who offer advice on developing plot, characters, scenes, and so forth every step of the way). Some people do both.

If you're interested in offering your services as a beta reader, please include the following form after your author's profile (including the line in order to separate the details of your work as a writer from your work as a beta). Please also pay attention to the following rules:

Beta Rules

Beta Readers
- If you do not have a story linked in your author's profile, then please provide a writing sample. Samples should be at least four sizable (read: not one-liner) paragraphs long.
- All beta profiles should also provide links to at least two reviews written on the site. Each review must be at least two sizable (i.e., not one-liner) paragraphs long and should say something specific about the stories they're posted to. Both this rule and the rule above this one are meant to give potential clients a good idea of how much experience you have and what your betaing style is like.
- All communication between a beta and a client should be done via PM/VM/email. Do not use this thread to communicate with your clients.

People Seeking Beta Readers (Clients)
- Do not use this thread to communicate with betas. If you see someone who you would like to ask to beta your work, please contact them via VM or PM.
- Please note that betas are not a replacement for proofreading. They are a supplement. Before sending your work to a beta, please spellcheck and proofread to the best of your ability. This makes a beta's job easier and allows you to get your work back faster.
- Betas have the right to say no to betaing your work for any reason. Please respect their decision if they tell you they're unable to handle your work.
- Please also respect your beta as you're working with them. Harassing them over their advice or how long they're taking is a good way to end up without a beta. Doing it on Serebii is a good way to end up with an infraction.
-- You are, of course, more than welcome to discuss advice or ask a beta for a status update, but please do so politely and give a beta space when they ask for it.



[b]Beta Request Line Is:[/b] (OPEN/CLOSED)

[b]Strengths:[/b] (Your beta specialty. Are you better with grammar? Are you awesome at plot? Can you do a little bit of everything?)

[b]Weaknesses:[/b] (Please list anything you're not as great at covering. For example, if you'd do great at giving people advice on grammar but don't think you'd be a great advisor for plot, please note that plot's your weakpoint.)

[b]Preferred Method of Contact:[/b] (And how should clients reach you?)

[b]Examples of Reviews:[/b]

[b]Writing Samples:[/b]

Beta List
None so far~

If you got your name changed, please let me know so I can update it.


Staff member
Nice to see this is back up again.

Name: xEryChan but everyone mostly calls me Ery.
Age (Optional): I'm 22.
Types of Writing (Optional): Angst and suspense are really my favorite things to write about, does that count?
Strengths: I'd say I'm mostly good at spelling and grammar.
Weakness: Definitely tenses and punctuation.
Types of Characters: I mostly stick to characters that I am familiar with and know their personality well enough to write about them. I try to avoid writing about OC's and characters I know next to nothing about, out of fear that I'm writing their personality wrong.
Completed Stories: As of right now (April 15th, 2018), I only have a couple of stories complete and both of them are one shots.

BrightTomorrowshipping AU
Summary: "While I know this is what he wanted, how am I supposed to say let go of him? How am I supposed to say goodbye to him?"
Note: I wrote this as a dare from Pikachu Fan Number Nine, it was supposed to be a dare but I got a little carries away with writing it.

The Key to Control
Caitlin-centric one shot
Summary: Caitlin has been struggling with learning how to control her powers and it shows at times. Will a visit from her friends show her what the key is and has been all along?
Note: I wrote this for Psychic in Serebii's Yuletide.

Current Stories:
None at the moment.
Future Stories: None as of right now.
Writing Tips: Have fun with your writing, that's about all I can offer you.


Well-Known Member
Name: CuriousHeartless, also known as CurioOfTheHeart and Jacob.
Age (Optional): 18
Types of Writing (Optional): I mostly like doing multi-chapter OC-centric fics.
Strengths: Frankly, I'm not sure.
Weakness: Not the best at description, or character development, or staying with a story until I finish it. Trying to improve though.
Types of Characters: I like doing a variety of characters.
Completed Stories: A one-shot for Shin Megami Tensei IV titled Pardon My French which I have posted on Fanfiction.net (Under my other pen name CurioOfTheHeart) which people actually seem to like fairly well. I believe I also posted it on here.
B]Current Stories:[/B] 'Persona Goal:Conquest', an OC Persona fanfic that I have posted over on Fanficfiction.net. I'm updating it a bit slowly, but I am hoping to actually finish this one.
Future Stories: No new projects, but I am planning on redoing and finishing my Digimon fanfic 'Digimon: Spiral Force'.
Writing Tips: Uh...just keep at it?

Shadow Lucario

Lone Vanguard
Name: Shadow Lucario
Age: 21
Strengths: Writing battles is something I pride in. I try to make them different.
Weakness: Most of the time it would be description.
Types of Characters: I try to write about a lot of different characters so I'm not stuck with just one.
Completed Stories: Pokemon Academy: Dedication Through Light and Darkness
Before the Bond (One-shot)
The Pledge (One-shot)
Current Stories: Hero's Bond (link in signature)
Future Stories: I have one more one-shot planned, but as for chaptered fics, I don't have anything currently planned. There might be a sequel to Hero's Bond, but let's see how this one ends first.
Writing Tips: Don't try to write if you're not in the mood. It won't come out like you wanted.

Victorian Rush

Weather Manipulator
Name: Hello, I'm Victorian Rush but most of the people on here call me Vic, which is not even close to my real name. I'd prefer not to give my name out over the internet, which I hope you understand.

Age (Optional): I'm turning 19 on July 28th, 2018
Types of Writing (Optional): I mostly stick to one-shots but I do have a multi-chaptered planned for the future.
Strengths: Description, spelling, and grammar.
Weakness: Tenses, they always seem to give me problems.
Types of Characters: It varies, tbh. I mostly stick to characters that I know of though. I find them the easiest to write about, especially if I know their personality.

Completed Stories:

I don't have that many. Most of them are drabbles that I wrote.

One Shots

Reminiscing (Amourshipping, PG)
In which, Ash is thinking of Serena and misses her while he is in Alola and Pikachu decides to torture him with the fact that he is in denial about liking Serena.


Avoiding Conflict (FranticShipping, PG)
Ruby has been constantly avoiding talking to Sapphire about their confession, which is really beginning to get to her. Dare from Sp1derp1g in the Shippers Truth or Dare.

What Trainers Do (OthelloShipping, G)
Hilda learns she has to battle her friend and her secret crush, Ash, in the Unova League. Unable to cope with it, she runs off. Ash follows her and they talk. Dare from Satoshi & Touko in the Shippers Truth or Dare.

Kalos Run In (Pearlshipping/Contestshipping, G)
While in Kalos, May and her Blaziken run into Ash and Dawn. Dare from xEryChan in the Shippers Truth or Dare.

Away from Home (Ash/Kari, G)
Kari & Gatomon find themelves in some strange world and run into Ash, who thinks Gatomon is a Pokemon. Dare from AmericanPi in the Shippers Truth or Dare. This is a crossover drabble with the pairing of Ash from Pokemon and Kari from Digimon.

What Friends Are For (GreyskyShipping, PG-13)
Nate is being hunted by Zinzolin of Team Plasma and Hugh is determined to protect him, no matter what. Dare from AmericanPi in the Shippers Truth or Dare.

Moving On (PokeShipping, G)
Upon realizing that Ash is not going to stop traveling to be with her, Misty moves on with her life as the gym leader of the Cerulean Gym. Dare from Pikachu Fan Number Nine in the Shippers Truth or Dare.

Simplicity (AquariumPlantShipping, G)
Mallow gets stood up on a date and Lana can't help but wonder why she is so instant on going out and getting her heart broken when there is someone who loves her right in front of her face. Dare from AmericanPi in the Shippers Truth or Dare.

Loneliness (AgencyShipping, PG)
White misses Black and wishes there was something she could do to help him. Dare from PikaWaltz in the Shippers Truth or Dare.

Power (AtmosShipping, PG)
Skyla makes sure that Falkner knows who is the one who has all the power in their relationship. Dare from AmericanPi in the Shippers Truth or Dare.

Dependant (CruelAuraShipping, PG)
Lillie meets Paul while in Kanto and ends up falling for the cruel trainer when she knows she should not have. Dare from Avietta_Ikarilove in the Shippers Truth or Dare.

Heroes Come in Many Different Colors (Rocky/Penny, G)
Penny knew all along who the Power Rangers truly are and finally decides to confront them about it. This was inspired by the episode 'Trust In Me' from Power Rangers Zeo.

Lost in the Game of Football (ManaSteelShipping, G)
Clemont's Dedenne, who is in Alola visiting Ash and Pikachu, wonders why everyone cares so much about the Super Bowl.

Current Stories: As of right now, I only have one, which is my alphabetical drabble collection.

Sign of the Times (Multishipping, PG)
A series of the adventures in the Pokemon Universe. Each Drabble will be based off of a word and every word will begin with a letter of the alphabet. It will also contain various different ships.

Future Stories: As of right now, I have none. But if I think of any, I will update this post.
Writing Tips: Have fun with your writing. If you don't enjoy it, then it's going to be obvious in your writing, trust me.
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Obsessive Shipper
Name: Hakajin
Age: 26
Types of Writing: Fiction (romance, fantasy, sci-fi), personal essays, journaling
Strengths: 1) Characterization-- I'm really good at detailing the thoughts and emotions of my POV characters; I've been told by readers that it's easy to put themselves in my characters' shoes. Also, my characters tend to be complex and nuanced and have realistic motivations.
2) Style-- Part of this goes along with characterization; my POV characters tend to have distinct voices. Also, I'm good at figuring out what they'd focus on. Tone also goes along with this.
Weaknesses: 1) Plot-- It's not that I'm bad at coming up with interesting plots, but I do have trouble getting from point a to point b sometimes. Like, I'll have certain plot points in mind, but I'm not always sure how to connect them. Issues with pacing is an intertwined problem.
Types of Characters: My POV characters tend to be introverted and self-aware. As for the characters surrounding them... I can work with all kinds of personality types, as long as I can understand the character's motivation. Like I said before, there's pretty much always going to be
some kind of motivation with me.
Completed Stories: A bunch of Pokeshipping stories of varying quality. You can find them under my profile at fanfiction.net (link in signature).
Current Stories: Pokemon Generations: Satsumi's Journey-- When Satsumi's dad goes missing on a trip to investigate an ancient temple ruin, she decides to do everything she can to find him. She knows it won't be easy. Sickly for most of her childhood, Satsumi grew up sheltered and isolated, and even though her health has improved, she's still a timid, awkward girl prone to worry. Dealing with her new friends is almost as much of a challenge as dealing with her new enemy. But most troubling of all is the strange mystery which threatens to pull her under. What happened in that ruined temple so long ago? What does it have to do with her dad's disappearance? And what it Satsumi's connection to it? She'll soon find out, whether she wants to or not.
Future Stories: Well, I'll probably be working on my current one for quite a while... But at some point in the future, I'd like to write a fic from Serena's POV about her and Misty being romantic rivals. It'd be about them bonding over their mutual feelings for Ash and coming to respect each other and all that good stuff.
Writing Tips: Care about your characters. This won't necessarily make your characters good, but it's hard to write good characters if you don't care about them. Because if you don't, why should the reader? And if the reader doesn't care about the character, there's not much incentive to find out what happens to them. And if you want to write realistic, relatable characters, start with yourself. That doesn't mean write your characters exactly like yourself... but start with something you can relate to, a motivation you can understand. That should prevent your characters from becoming stereotypical. Oh, and just write; don't sit around waiting for the mood to strike you, because you'll never get anything done. Chances are, if you care about what you're writing, you'll get into it as you're writing.
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Name: Brutaka, but you may call me Bru!

Age: 19

Types of Writing: PMD fics are pretty much main focus right now, but I do some trainer/journey fic stuff sometimes. Mostly adventure stuff, but romance always tends to slip into my longer fics.

Strengths: Apparently I'm good at world-building, so lets go with that. Oh, and coming up with cool ideas.

Weakness: Characterization. Hands down. It's just so hard D: Oh, and going through with the aforementioned cool ideas.

Types of Characters: I ... don't know O_O My characters tend to be all across the map. I would say that , my male characters tend to be level-headed and sometimes over-analytical, while my females tend to be louder and more spontaneous, but Predestined and the upcoming Destiny Mirror both break this. So I don't even know.

Completed Stories

The Gift
Pokemon-centric One-Shot
Post Date: September 13th, 2012

-Quick Summery: A Marill and Marshtomp take a short adventure to find their depressed Eevee friend something to cheer her up.

Trainer One-Shot
Post Date: February 27th, 2013

-Quick Summery: The strongest trainer in the world (and she knows it) attempts to stop a god from doing what it wants to do. But can she change the course of fate? Or will destiny get the better of her?

The Lost One's Weeping
Pokemon One-Shot
Post Date: December 31th, 2013

-Quick Summery: They told you not to go into the Wandering Woods. Why didn't you listen?

Pokemon-centric One-Shot
Post Date: December 28, 2014

-Quick Summery: A male, shiny Pachirisu named Felix is bullied all his life for being different.

Lost Loot

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon One-Shot
Post Date: January 1, 2015

-Quick Summary: An outlaw team heckles a young Explorer group for their treasure.

Stone'd: But Not in the Herbal or Death Penalty Ways

Pokemon One-Shot
Post Date: January 1, 2015
-Quick Summary: Steven Stone doesn't like rock puns. Unfortunately for him, the rest of the Hoenn League does.

Current Stories

re:Through the Thunder and the Lightning
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Chaptered Fic
Last Updated: January 4th, 2015

-Quick Summery: A reboot of TTL. A boy is attacked by a monster on his walk through the woods, and saved by an unknown power. For whatever reason, he awakes as a Pachirisu with amnesia and quickly meets a borderline-narcissistic, copper-furred Emolga. Ongoing calamity in the region interrupt the boy's quest to return to humanity, and soon they are tangled up in the affairs of this new world. Zekrom and Reshiram are at it again, this time free of human control and are not above enlisting the help of other deities. Can such a small and unimpressive duo of a Pachirisu and Emolga contribute anything to the war effort? If not, how will Shane get home?

re: A Vulpix Tail
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon / Journey Chaptered Fic
Last Updated: July 6th, 2014

-Quick Summery: Reboot of AVT. Luke, a slacker boy from the sleepy town of Accumula is forced to go on a Pokemon journey, but not before a red-haired girl falls into his life. Or at least through his front door. She has no memory at all, though she's pretty sure she used to be a Vulpix. Can Luke still beat the Pokemon League and does he even have the motivation to try? What does Amy have to say about all this? What's with weird group called Team Plasma? Why is there a green-haired guy following the trainers around and why is he so interested in Amy?

Future Stories

Doom Desire
Pokemon One-Shot Fic
-Projected Summery: Head Honcho of the villainous corporation Comet Inc., Markus Shean, gets his hands on the key to completing all of his dreams. Will he succeed in taking over the world? Or will his greed get the best of him? And what does the cliche 10-year-old hero have to say about all this?

Destiny Mirror
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon / Pokemon Centric Chaptered Fic
-Projected Summery: Explorer Aryll the Leafeon had found several strange and powerful artifacts in her day, so she didn't think much of the legendary relic known as the Destiny Mirror - that is until she found herself in the presence of a red-leafed duplicate of herself. The new Leafeon behaved like the original in every way; she even retained all of Aryll's memories. Both Aryll and the newly dubbed Llyra are understandably confused, but it isn't fun and games for long. The mirror soon vanishes, Mystery Dungeons start forming faster than ever before, and every just seems really upset. What does all have to do with the Mirror? And can Aryll and Llyra stop it before the entire planet is one giant Mystery Dungeon?

Writing Tips:

-Firstly, don't be discouraged by criticism. There's some fierce reviewers here, but if you take their advice and don't run away, you'll turn out to be a better writer, I promise.

-Secondly, just keep writing. The only way you'll get better is to keep doing it, and I've seen too many friends stop writing all together. It's rather sad...
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Mizz Nikki

Operations Director
List updated everyone :) I might as well just go ahead and post mine now.

Name: Mizz Nikki but you can just call me Nikki, if you want to :D
Age (Optional): I'm 21, turning 22 in January.
Types of Writing (Optional): It honestly depends on what kind of mood I'm in, to be honest. Sometimes I will write angst and suspense. Other times I will write. It really all comes down to what I feel like writing.
Strengths: Description. I'm really good with describing a scene so you can imagine exactly what is going on and exactly how the characters are feelings. I'm also good with plotting with a story. I come up with all these awesome plots left and right.
Weakness: Tenses. I stink with tenses, to be honest. I always struggle with them. I try my best but they always baffle me.
Types of Characters: I don't like including OC's in a story, to be honest. I just feel if I were to include one, they would be so bland and horrible, the readers would get sick of them and abandon the story. I mostly stick to characters I know about and I know their personalities to a tee, I feel they're the easiest ones to write about. I try to avoid characters I know next to nothing about, out of fear i'm getting their personality wrong.
Completed Stories: As of right now, I only have a few finished, such as some drabbles and a couple of two-shots but none of them are on serebii, they're all most on tumblr.

(Jaythan two-shot; The Wanted
Summary: It’s the night of Jay and Nathan’s one year anniversary and things don’t go as planned. Jay was nearly beated to death and Nathan was kidnapped. Jay manages to visit Tom in his dreams and tells him where Nathan is but will Tom make to Nathan in time?

Unexpected Love
(Kathan two-shot; The Wanted
Summary: Nathan is dating Kendall Schmidt from Big Time Rush and their relationship is revealed to the world a lot sooner then he planned.

Out of Time
(The Wanted; multi-chaptered)
Summary: “All this pain spread over your face. All I wanna do is help you out of this place. So hurry up now before you run out of time!” - Only You by The Wanted. Nathan Centric.
Warning: This contains some pretty dark themes, such as abduction. I would advise you not to read it if you don't like that sort of subject.

Current Stories: I have a couple.

Riddle Me This
(Big Time Rush; multi-chaptered)
Summary: After the unexplainable disappearance of Carlos, the boys begin to frantically search for him. But riddles only have begun to show; literally, as the kidnapper leaves riddles for the band members to follow. Who is this riddler?

Future Stories: Oh, you better believe I do.

Return to Houen
(Pokemon; Amourshipping, Cavaliershipping; multi-chaptered
Summary: Satoshi, Serena, Shigeru and Hikari. Four friends, four people with unshakable bonds; now on a new path. The Houen region awaits, as so many new adventures and experiences. And dangers. Will these roads release something new in our heroes? New feelings?

Right now, this is my only one but I will edit this post when I think of more.

Writing Tips: Don't let people get you down and stop you from doing something you enjoy. Some people can get be really mean, I understand that. But don't let that stop you. Pay not mind to the haters. The same goes for critcism. You can always take the critcism to heart to improve your writing.
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The Ghost Lord
Name: Umbramatic, but you can call me Umbra
Age: 23
Types of Writing: Pretty much anything fantasy or science fantasy, mostly Pokemon.
Strengths: I'm not sure what others think, (need to ask) but I like to think I'm good at characterization since it's the part I have the most fun with; characters bounce off each other and get into weird scenarios naturally in my head (I swear they have minds of their own) and it's fun to write that out. Also, I have a lot of fun coming up with cool/funny/cute ideas.
Weakness: Oh dear god description. I can never strike the balance between too much and too little, and usually end up with too little anyway. Also, I have a history of usually not sticking with big ideas, to the point I'm afraid to do my longer fanfic ideas.
Types of Characters: Generally, I have fun with any character as long as they're more rounded, since I actually have an easier time writing for the characters I assign more depth to. Also, Legendaries. I looooooooove writing for Legendaries (and deities in general).
Completed Stories: On FFnet I have Green and White, a oneshot I wrote about Reshiram and N. There's also Long March Of Time, my first-ever published fanfic, but I never went back and finished that for reasons. I also have written several articles for TVTropes' Pokedex Extended Fanon Edition. I did enter the Interpretations contest on here but never published my entry. Caging Destruction, a spiritual successor oneshot to said Interpretations entry, is here. The final version of my ORAS contest entry, Crater Dreams, is here.
Current Stories: Truth, a sequel to Green and White, is here.
Future Stories:

A spinoff of a previous work is in progress for the Criminal Intent contest.

Next year if I work out enough of a plan I'll start my first longer fanfic in years, Heroes After All. It basically involves taking a few characters and locales from the anime, sticking them in a mostly games-and-fanon based world, and putting my own spin on their story from there.

I'll likely do a few more oneshots during HAA's run, though subjects may vary drastically.

I've got a few other ideas further down the line but I don't wanna get ahead of myself.

Writing Tips: If you've got an ailing plot or character find out what they need and freaking give it to them. It's helped me many times and will help you too. Probably.
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Missingno. Master

Poison-type Trainer
Name: Missingno. Master
Age: 24
Types of Writing: Comedy, and basically anything with Pokémon in it.
Strengths: Dialogue.
Weakness: Description.
Types of Characters: I'm kinda all over the place with this one.
Completed Stories:
The Adventures of Adventuresness series:​
  • The Adventure of Adventureness: Jack, the unfortunate protagonist of a shoddily-written two-line fanfic teams up with the narrator to exact revenge on the author.
  • The Awesome of Awesomeness: In order to rescue the narrator from his author's wrath, Jack must explore the Kanto region and collect all eight Gym Badges.
  • The Random of Randomness: To give them more of a chance in the battles to come, Jack and his friends must explore the Unova region and catch many new Pokémon. On their travels, however, they learn of a shady organization by the name of Team Plasma.
  • The Epic of Epicness: Jack and his friends arrive back in the internet and team back up with Miror B., plotting and planning for the final showdown.

404 Error series:
  • 404 Error: Orange and Violet are two new Pokémon Trainers in the Tanko region, where Glitch Pokémon are just as common as the official ones. While setting out, they come across a strange boy...

  • Pokémon: An Unlikely Origin: A man arrives at a lonely moonlit crossroads to make an unusual deal with a demon (Pokémon/Supernatural one-shot crossover).
Current Stories:
404 Error series:
  • 404 Error 2: File Not Found: When Red goes missing in the Hojot region, it's up to Maggie and a pair of rookie trainers to locate him.
The Adventures of Adventuresness series:​
  • The Hoenn of Hoenness: Years after the series was supposed to have ended, Jack finds himself on an adventure taking him to the tropical Hoenn region.
Future Stories: Nothing at this time.
Writing Tips: Don't get discouraged because the first few fics you write get scathing negative reviews, or get ignored altogether, or get you banned, or whatever. Nobody's perfect, and very few people are going to turn out a nugget of literary perfection on the first try. The important thing is that you keep trying. Although, if a fic you write really does get you banned, try to steer clear of that area and write something different. And don't let the haters get to you. Constructive criticism is always good, but even the less-constructive variety can bring up some valid points.

Also, play to your strengths. If your attempts at writing some serious drama story flop, give comedy a shot.​
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Just me
Guess I might as well do this.

Name: Dragonfree
Age (Optional): 24
Types of Writing (Optional): Anything I write tends to turn into dark drama about characters suffering if it goes on long enough.
Strengths: Characters.
Weakness: Writing style, planning.
Types of Characters: I tend to gravitate towards deeply flawed people covering up their weaknesses and insecurities with pathetic defense mechanisms.

Completed Stories:

(Not a complete list, but my other one-shots are really old)

Morphic: A few scientists get drunk and start fiddling with gene splicing. Ten years later, they're taking care of eight half-Pokémon kids, each freakier than the next, while a religious fanatic plots to murder them all. (14 chapters, plus a bunch of silly extras. This is a particularly good example of that "Anything I write tends to turn into dark drama about characters suffering if it goes on long enough" principle I mentioned above; this was supposed to be a humour fic but seven chapters in it takes a nosedive into depressingland, never to return.)

Butterfree: Trainers aren't supposed to have favorites, but you were my favorite. And then you started losing. (One-shot, mostly angst.)

Curse: Wanna-be champions Kari and her Dragonite get their hands on a mysterious TM containing the move Curse, which they had previously only seen used by Morty's Ghost Pokémon. Why does it work so differently now? (One-shot, horror/tragedy.)

Scyther's Story: Spin-off of The Quest for the Legends, written for NaNoWriMo 2006. Tells the story of Scyther from that fic from his birth until he joins Mark's team. (Seven parts, ~33,000 words.)

The Fall of a Leader: The sequel to Scyther's Story, written for NaNoWriMo 2007. After Razor leaves the Scyther swarm, Shadowdart strives to become Leader while Stormblade tries to pick up the pieces with the friend who is rapidly drifting away from him. (Seven parts, ~57,000 words.)

Current Stories:

The Quest for the Legends: The story of an ordinary boy on an impossible quest in a world that isn't as black and white as he always thought it was. (64 chapters plus prologue and counting; I finished the first draft of the rest for NaNoWriMo 2012 and am still in the process of editing it because I write slowly. I have been working on this since 2002, and this version was started in 2004, so at least the first half of it is pretty terrible, but it picks up a bit after that.)

I am also still writing Morphic extras even though the actual story is completed (see above).

Future Stories:

Morphic, version 2.0: Morphic desperately needs a rewrite now that I properly know what it's about. I will write this, but who knows when I'll get around to it.

Morphic II (not the actual title): There will also be a Morphic sequel, but that's likely to not happen until I've done the Morphic rewrite and who knows when that will be.

Writing Tips:

Characters are people and people are complex. Don't slap together character traits into "strengths" and "flaws" boxes; shape a whole personality with hopes, fears, obsessions, priorities, and let the way they are realistically hinder them in the situations you write them into.

As a writer, your job is to give your characters hell. You should write them into exactly the kinds of situations where they're way out of their depth and make them attempt to deal with them anyway. Stories where the characters are perfectly equipped to handle whatever gets thrown at them are predictable and don't build a lot of tension, even if you have a "flaws" list in their character profile somewhere.


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Name: Griff4815 AKA 'Griff'
Age (Optional): Early 20s.
Types of Writing (Optional): Mostly character-driven adventure-dramas. Particularly Digimon.
Strengths: It would have to be characters, character dynamics, and character development.
Weakness: Syntax. I still make awkward sounding sentences, I think.
Types of Characters: I don't know if I can narrow it down to a certain character type. I have loads of different characters that I find interesting. It's fun trying to write different sorts of characters, and I think I do okay with it. It would be easier to say that I find overpowered, wish-fulfillment, godmod characters to be really boring/annoying. I always have to have a sarcastic character somewhere.
Completed Stories: Do you have any stories that are currently finished?
Current Stories: A Dragon in Shining Armour - Examon becomes the eleventh digimon to be accepted into the Order of the Royal Knights. However, him being a dragon causes some friction with some of the other knights. Despite this, fitting in won't be the only problem he'll have to deal with. Evil Digimon threaten the stability of the Digital World and the Order. On top of that, the Royal Knights clash over their differences. (It's on Chapter 17. I've technically finished writing it now, but I'm behind on posting here. More up to date on fanfiction.net)
Future Stories: Holy War - The sequel of 'A Dragon in Shining Armour'.
Writing Tips: Can you offer any tips to other authors?

(I'll finish off the rest of this later. Need to go now.)


8000 MMR
Name: matthew11
Age (Optional): 17
Types of Writing (Optional): Fluffy and Comedy (and sometimes tragedy) fics.
Strengths: I don't know for now.
Weakness: Description of a setting and characters in a plot.
Types of Characters: Mostly characters from the Pokemon anime/games, but I'm planning on writing some from different fandoms. Of course, altering their personalities and characteristics to fit my future fics
Completed Stories: On FF.net:

Feelings, Confessions, and Eureka: Satoshi and the others are taking a break in Miare City from traveling, and someone has an idea about making the two childhood friends become a couple.

Current Stories: On FF.net:

Climbing Down The Mountain: Ash has now become Pokemon Master, but it seems it doesn't satisfy him, and so he looks for answers.

I have written some drabbles here in Serebii, but does those count?

Future Stories: Planning on writing an Advanceshipping fic sometime after finishing the above. After that, it's one-shots time!

Writing Tips: Do not be discourage by criticism. Always welcome it. It helps a lot in improving your writing skills. But if it seems too harsh, bash them Lol.


Fossil Fighters Fan!
So I am a bit new to fanfics I am writing one at the moment but that's my first one, so glad to meet ya!

Name: Fossildude747
Age (Optional): 13, turning 14 in March
Types of Writing (Optional): Most likely funny and serious in the same stories. Sometimes cute things as well, like romance. I probably won't make the best jokes or anything, but I say funny because the only fic I am writing at the moment has it's serious points, but it's still going to be light-hearted is what I mean by funny.
Strengths: What are your strong points in your writing? Displaying characters emotions and personalities.
Weakness: What are your weaknesses in your writing? Descriptions, I think I am ok at them but not the best, sometimes they are ok and sometimes bad.
Types of Characters: What are your favorite character types to write about? Any, I like having plenty of different characters in a story. The only story I am writing at the moment, The Love of Fire, will hae many different characters but the ones that are introduced so far are different from each other. One is mature and kind, but however has a temper. And the other is immature, impatient and often a coward, but when he needs to be serious he will be.
Completed Stories: Do you have any stories that are currently finished? No
Current Stories: Do you have any stories you are in the progress of writing? The Love of Fire
[BFuture Stories:][/B] None planned yet
Writing Tips: Always be ready for criticism, it's going to happen, it will help you. Also make sure your characters have personality, don't make them all seem like the same person.

Moonlight Amaryllis

♪smoke and mirrors♪
Name: Moonlight Amaryllis

Age (Optional): Still a teenager, not yet an adult.

Types of Writing (Optional): I'm someone who enjoys to write just about anything that suits my mood, or whatever I feel fits the goal I have in mind. I prefer the more character-driven, emotional side of the writing spectrum.

Strengths: I've been told that I'm very good at battles/action scenes and getting the reader embroiled in a character's emotional crisis.

Weakness: I struggle to describe physical objects and appearances, and working with "show don't tell" aspects of exposition, backstories, and worldbuilding.

Types of Characters: I like characters with Hidden Depths and who are Cute But Troubled; characters with massive potential for exploration and exploitation.

Completed Stories:
Why Me?: A silly PokeAni one shot about Pikachu teaching Oshawott a few lessons that will benefit his relationship with Emolga.

Battered: A Higurashi oneshot where, in an alternate timeline, Rena surivives her beating from Keiichi, and tries once more to regain his trust.

Lost In Hopelessness: HetaOni one shot that presents a mentally distraught Italy as he races against the clock to survive one more time, but he might be too broken to even care...Until someone calls to him from long ago.

Green Bird: Hetalia Axis Powers oneshot, where the Black Death that gripped Europe is explored from the lenses of a country who is breaking, just like the rest; Italy.

Glassy Eyes: PokeAni one shot, where two people who really have had a rocky relationship for a while now meet again under terrible, awkward, and revealing circumstances...Of all the people to find him like that, why did it have to be her, who hated him with every fiber of her being?

You Must Have Hope: A crossover oneshot between the worlds of PokeAni and When They Cry, where she has no hope, yet he seems to have an endless supply of it...Maybe he would let her borrow some. She needs it more than he.

Active Pain: PokeAni oneshot, featuring some angsty KodakShipping in its center stage; it takes place after Trip's loss in the League, and tries to find out how he dealt with it, after winning for so long. Ash attempts to assist him in his coping, with some possible success.

Current Stories:
~not right now, sorry~

Future Stories: I have several oneshots and ficlets planned for the future. I have a PokeAni/Madoka Magica crossover idea that has been marinating in my mind for half a year now, too, so we'll see where that goes...There's also a Buster/Sommelier/Kodak story that I'm getting through, so look out for that nonsense, too.

I've also got a handful of short oneshots on my to-do list, so let's just hope I get those done eventually as well.

Writing Tips: Always strive to improve. A writer who thinks their work is perfect never goes anywhere.
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Lazy Time Traveler
Action/Adventure and Drama/Romance, mostly in the yaoi/slash variety. Usually I find a bit of Horror seeps through without asking. Sci-fi Fantasy, Fantasy Fiction, etcetc. I kind of drift everywhere, haha~
IC characters, strong plot, and dialogue.
Confusing plots, inner-monologue, and never have I ever completed a mutli-chapter story.
I'm terribly fond of flawed characters. Give me someone who stutters, someone who has anger issues, someone who has arachnophobia so bad they won't step outside. I have a habit of being cruel to characters when I write, so I enjoy writing how strong they are to overcome my wickedness. Or not able to. That's fun, as well.
untitled: Mewshipping three-shot fic, crossed slightly with His Dark Materials.
It only happens if you try. If you're not giving your all, then there's nothing to evolve from.
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My will be done
Name: Omegagoldfish

Strengths: I'm pretty good at making backstories and coming up with basic ideas and my spelling is decent.

Weaknesses: Kryponite, dialogue, and a tendency to make bad jokes in my beta reader profile and a tendency to procrastinate.

Types of characters: I enjoy making antagonists, writing the 'good guy' has never been fun for me.

Completed stories: None

Current stories: None

Future stories: I have a Mystery Dungeon fic planned out, but I don't want to say anything about it, and it won't be here for a while.

Writing tips: The hardest thing to do is get your ideas organized.
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Here: Mogar (Formerly Beirut/SpyroxPikachu)
Archive of Our Own: Keratosis



Writing background
I've always liked to write, for as long as I can remember I always wrote stories and would tell them to anyone that would listen. As a young child, my mom has told me that I always had some sort of story for her, and I always had an interesting way of telling them that she loved to hear. However, being so young, I couldn't exactly tell my stories to the world; which forced them upon the ears of those that didn't understand what they were about. As, at this age, most of them were about animals or Pokemon.

The first story I can really remember ever writing, was something interesting. It was more of a comic with an accompanying story, but it was an interesting piece of childhood literature nonetheless. The story involved four cats, each one possessing a different element which they controlled in their warzone-like home. As I was a child who also grew up with a game about a cute dragon, I gave them each a dragon forme which they could transform into when they became angry enough. As odd as this seems, I was extremely proud of these characters that I created, drawing them whenever I got the chance and always explaining my drawings to people.

I wrote my first "true" fanfiction when I turned eleven, which was also around the time I had begun doing much more on the internet. I decided to join this form, out of my love for Pokemon and because I had been using the site for Pokemon information since the first time I picked up my copy of Emerald. I was immediately drawn to the fanfiction board, curious as to what sort of creative ideals people could come up with. Being a huge fan of the Mystery Dungeon series, I usually resorted to reading these fics. This opened the door for me and gave me a rather interesting idea, to write my own.

The fic of question was known only as "The Sky Chronicles", I have very little memory as to what the plot to this fic was. However, I can remember the main characters were an Eevee and a Pikachu. The fic was a more "mature" take on the first game, involving character injury and nearly character death. I came up with ideas for this fic for a very long time, however, it never saw the light of the internet, especially because, well, it was never exactly completed. It was a real shame, considering how much effort I had put into creating the universe at which the fic ran on.

Once I entered high school, I drifted away from my writing comforts, as I had only ever written about animals or Pokemon. This was also around the time that I began to get into RPGing, especially on this forum. I began watching more TV once I hit high school, especially because a lot of my new friends had started recommending television programs to me based on some of my book interests. I had begun watching the BBC series, Sherlock. I was in love from the start, I even began writing fanfiction before the second season had even started. Alternate endings, as well as Alternate Universes formed in my head for my new found love.

Sherlock, to this day, is still a huge part of my writing. It's the fandom I owe the most to, as it was the fandom that truly got me interested in writing. However, around the age of fifteen, I found a new thing that I liked a little more than Sherlock. I found that I rather liked horror as a genre, reading mostly horror novels and beginning to watch more gory and scary television programming. Around this time, I discovered Hannibal. Hannibal, coupled with my love of creepypasta, began to shape most of my writing. I adored horror, I adored incorporating horror into everything I wrote, as I still do.

Currently? Well I still adore Hannibal and Sherlock, along with Pokemon. However, I usually try and add some sort of horror into these fandoms, twisting them into something scary and much more interesting. I adore creepypasta heavily, writing for the community and often listening to people read them as I do my own writing. However, I prefer writing my own universes, my own original stories over fanfiction now.

Fandoms you write in
Have: Pokemon, Sherlock, and Hannibal
Want: Achievement Hunter, More Original Stories, and Creepypasta

Types Of Writing
As I stated, for Pokemon I prefer to stick to the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon genre, as that is still my favourite Pokemon game series. But I also love putting horror into my fanfiction, a dead body, a horrible fiend that aims to hunt down and destroy exploration teams, ideas like that are what really makes my blood pump. For my original stories, I also usually stick to horror ideas, or ideas of survival. As Hannibal is already a rather serious and horrific show, I barely need to change it in order to fit my interests.

Strong Areas
I've found myself to be very good at creating characters, and I take great joy in making characters as interesting and relatable as I can. I want people to view them as people, not just a character that they found between the pages of a book. I take a lot of inspiration from the works of Conan Doyle, as he made two men who weren't exactly relatable, but they're two of the most realistic and wonderful men that I've ever had the honor of reading about. I also take pride in my very wide vocabulary.

Weak Areas
Plot. Plot is the bane of my existence. I know that it is truly the foundation of a story, but I struggle desperately with it. Making an interesting and perfectly flowing plot, is insanely difficult, as any writer will tell you. I take a very long time perfectly working out my plot, often making sure that everything flows before even beginning my story. This is why anything I write takes a very long time to ever see the light of the internet.

Type Of Characters
Various characters. Although, I must admit, I rather like the damaged characters who have trouble dealing with their situation. I liken this to my absolute adoration for Will Graham from the Hannibal series, as he is one of the most damaged beyond repair characters I have ever seen in the media. I like making characters like people, giving them obvious strengths and weaknesses, as everyone has things they're good at and things they're bad at.

All Was Well
Teen (Alternate Ending/Sad) / 900+ Words / One-Shot / Sherlock
John is distraught after Sherlock's demise, but there is still hope inside him that Sherlock is alive. Although his life is going downhill, he manages to find a light that he prays will keep him going.

The Enemy
Teen (Action/Alternate Ending) / 1100+ Words / One-Shot / Sherlock
Sherlock wants to know who the dreaded Moriarty is, however, he may not like the answer.

The Fear Has Gripped Me
Teen (Action/Alternate Ending) / 2000+ Words / One-Shot / Hannibal
Will finally confronts the ripper, but his mind is much too far gone to comprehend who he really is.​

The Sky Chronicles
Teen (Suspense/Mystery) / Chaptered / Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
Eminent and Kay are becoming rather confused by the wind that often blows through town, there's something... unnatural about it.
Coming to Serebii

??? (Working Title)
Teen (Horror/Mystery) / Chaptered / Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
Murder has been running rampant in Treasure Town, Wigglytuff's Guild has changed it's ideals to better suit the current world.
Coming to Serebii​

??? (Working Title)
Teen (Apocalyptic/Horror) / Chaptered / Original
Follow Isaac, a teen who has been struggling to live in this god-forsaken zombie wasteland, he wishes he had human contact, but he supposes his cat is enough.
Going to ???​
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On my way...
Name: Roberto (but I prefer Rob or RobSp1derp1g)
Age (Optional): 25
Types of Writing (Optional): Mainly romance/ comedy, essays (when the theme is compliant), blog posts.
Strengths: Dialogues and emotional scenes. Oh, and plots.
Weakness: Description, and something that happens to me sometimes, I think of something to add to the story and then sort of rush the chapter to get to that point.
Types of Characters: If I think of a story for a character and I can see the character's actions in my mind, that's enough for me.
Completed Stories: Quite a few actually. I've got The Man Who Can't Be Moved, an AdvanceShipping songfic based on the song from The Script (had lots of help with it from Uzamaki Hinata), I have a few iCarly stories, and since I came back to this site I've made The Laws of Science and Rollerskating, a LaserBladeShipping fic that's a companion story to What Happens
Current Stories: What Happens, an AmourShipping fic. Me thinks you might like it. I have something else being written too, but it's not Pokémon related and it's the biggest project I've ever done. It's an original story. I will only give you the working name: Ben's Problem. You'll see it in a bookstore and later in theaters.
Future Stories: Apart from Ben's Problem? No, but ideas come to me sometimes and I just got to write them.
Writing Tips: Keep a notepad with you at all times, and don't rush inspiration.
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